Willy Collignon: “Motorsport means a lot of sacrifices”

Creator of the First Motorsport rally team which achieved numerous WRC successes across Europe and now director of the AGS Formula 1 team, our driver passionately recounts his courageous journey from his native Belgium.

Published on 30/06/2024 à 13:00

Frédéric Rouvier

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Willy Collignon: “Motorsport means a lot of sacrifices”

© Fred Rouvier

Hello Willy, a Belgian who does rally and found himself at the Luc circuit doing Formula 1, how do we get there?

Houla, it's a very long story, I don't know where to start!

So let’s go back in time and tell me how you got into motorsport!

My father and grandfather were real enthusiasts and took part in racing themselves, with good results. They also followed the big events on television and my father finally organized a rally near Andenne (Belgium. Editor’s note) where we lived. I remember going to see a Grand Prix at Zolder with the 6-wheel Tyrrell. Since I was very young, I have only thought about that.

To what? To become a pilot?

Yes, I'm starting to go kart, my parents aren't against it, but it's up to me to find the necessary money. Bulk : " You want to go kart, work to pay for one! ". I'm doing a series of odd jobs in order to start in the blue class, but as I'm tall and therefore heavy, I don't have the right size. Being in a region where there are a lot of rallies, I quickly moved towards road events. I'm really passionate about motorsport, whatever the discipline.

You are studying automotive�

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