Lessay: Jonathan Pailler takes advantage of it

Starting from the last row of the final, Jonathan Pailler won the first round of the French Rallycross Championship.

Published on 28/04/2024 à 19:31

Emmanuel Naud

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Lessay: Jonathan Pailler takes advantage of it

Rallycross France/Pierre Simenel

Discreet during the qualifying heats while remaining close to the Top 5, Jonathan Pailler (208 RX) narrowly won his place in the Final with a 4th place in the “half” B.

Starting from the last row, Pailler built his race perfectly by passing into the Tour Joker on the last lap. A good strategy which allowed him to climb to the top step of the podium ahead of Steven Bossard (i20 RX) and Julien Fébreau (208 RX). The Top 5 is completed by Juha Rytkönen (i20 RX) and Tamas Karai (Audi S1 ​​RX).


In Super1600, Nicolas Eouzan (Twingo Super1600) was the big winner of the weekend. He finally won ahead of Körmöczi Balazs (PoloSuper1600) and Jérémy Lambec (A1 Super1600).

In Junior, Valentin Lumet (Clio RX) becomes the first leader ahead of Kelig Gouesbet (Clio RX) and Hugo Jouan (Clio RX).

Axelle Corolleur (Twingo RX) confirmed her good form with a victory in Women ahead of Mélanie Seignard (Twingo RX) and Chloé Danveau (Twingo RX).

Nicolas Beauclé (Mercedes Class A T3F) won in Division 3 ahead of Tony Lhomond (Fiesta T3F) and Kévin Jacquinet (Clio T3F).

Division 4 saw the victory of Luc Derrien (Civic F2000). Christophe Barbier (DS 3 F2000) crossed the finish line in 2nd position ahead of Arthur Barbault-Forget (208 F2000), who came from afar.

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