Rally-Raid – Peugeot unveils its 2008 DKR16

After returning to the rally raid scene with its 2008 DKR at the start of the year at the South American Dakar, Peugeot has just lifted the veil on the DKR16 version.

Published on 22/09/2015 à 09:23

Pierre Tassel

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Rally-Raid – Peugeot unveils its 2008 DKR16

For many months, Peugeot Sport is working towards the next Dakar 2016, the route of which, as announced previewed in issue 2029 of AUTOhebdo, will concentrate mainly in Argentina, following the withdrawal of Peru.

After returning at the start of the year with his 2008 DKR, the Lion began an in-depth work which led to this DKR16 version, unveiled today. Widened tracks, extended wheelbase, the French two-wheel drive clearly strengthens its game, while receiving aerodynamic developments at the level of the front hood, or the air intake.

Under the hull, the transformations are also numerous, with significant work concerning the suspension. The engine part has not been forgotten, the 6-liter twin-turbo diesel V3 having been reworked and develops an announced power of 350 hp.

“There is no one change that outweighs the others,
comments Bruno Famin, director of Peugeot Sport. It is really a series of developments in different areas which we hope will lead to an overall improvement when added together. The points on which we focused were still the stability of the car and the ease of use of the engine. »

After aligning a 2015+ version to Silk Road Rally in China, event concluded with a double with Stéphane Peterhansel and Cyril Despres, to validate some of the developments, preparation for the Dakar will continue. “We know that we will still have to accumulate a lot of experience before being truly ready to face a Dakar where we know that the route and the racing conditions can be extremely varied” concludes Bruno Famin.

As for the drivers, the Spaniard Carlos Sainz has extensively tested the 2008 DKR16 and notes the real progress made over the past year. “Its potential is much higher than last year's car at this time! Its reliability is also very satisfactory. We have changed a lot of elements in crucial areas. So much so that we can consider that it is a completely new car, compared to the one from 2015. »

“We really feel that the car is longer, wider and with a lower center of gravity: it is much more stable! This will allow us to go through curves more quickly. We also feel the difference in the engine: it is not only more powerful but it is possible to exploit all its power even at low revs. »
adds Peterhansel.

Peugeot must align itself with Rally of Morocco NPO at the beginning of October, including the presence of Sébastien Loeb who had driven the 2015 + version during the summer.

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