Alex Lynn “very proud” of his performance in Hyperpole

Alex Lynn (Cadillac) took second place in the Hyperpole of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the last seconds. A performance of which the British driver is very proud, even if it will be equivalent to a seventh place on the grid, due to a penalty collected at the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps.

Published on 14/06/2024 à 11:08

Michael Duforest

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Alex Lynn “very proud” of his performance in Hyperpole


Alex, what are your feelings after this second time in qualifying?

It's a great night, with second and third for Cadillac! Being a tenth from pole, on a 14 kilometer circuit... It's close! Tonight was a really great commercial for racing.Endurance, it was a session full of dramaturgy! It's for these kinds of moments that you are a pilot. It's the evening that every driver dreams of, giving your all on this majestic circuit is a dream!

You performed an excellent first sector on your last lap, we know that the Cadillac performs well in a more winding sector. Have the conditions improved for the last run after the red flag?

The light was also fading, so it's not that simple. What I do know is that this week our Cadillac, number 2, is fantastic in the corners. When you look at the mini-sectors in the turns Porsche, for some reason the blue Cadillac is very fast there. However, we lack top speed, so the second sector was difficult for us. I had to make the difference in the third sector, but I had the car to do it.

You will start seventh after a penalty (obtained following Earl Bamber's accident at Spa). Is that a worry, with faster cars in a straight line ahead of you?

Honestly, we just wanted to be at the forefront. With 23 cars, if you find yourself tenth or further back, it's really a mess. So we wanted to get as far away from it as possible, be able to survive, and then start our race.

Could you have done something better on your tour?

To find a tenth? Certainly ! I will dream of this tenth for a long time. But overall, I am very proud of this Hyperpole. I am proud to say that I gave it my all. Well done to Kévin and Porsche, they are very good rivals. He can enjoy his pole position at home, and we'll try again next year!

Do you expect any BOP adjustments?

I would almost appreciate it! Given the speed we have in the corners, I would like more weight, to also have more power. At the moment, it's difficult to really race.

Comments collected by Michaël Duforest, in Le Mans.

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