Buemi disappointed with his 5th place at Le Mans: “The slow zones influence so much”

With a 5th place finish at the 24 2024 Hours of Le Mans, Sébastien Buemi was obviously disappointed. The Swiss especially had a lot to say about slow zones.

Published on 16/06/2024 à 19:53

Yannis Duval

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Buemi disappointed with his 5th place at Le Mans: “The slow zones influence so much”


Sébastien, What do you remember from these 24 Hours of Le Mans

I am frustrated, disappointed. I don't have much to complain about. I have the impression that our car had the best race. She's the one who made the fewest mistakes, the one who didn't take a penalty. We respected the pitstop releases to the letter, where Ferrari constantly returned his car. Sometimes they took penalties, sometimes not, but here we are disappointed with that…

In your opinion, did the collision with the #51 Ferrari play a role? 

If we don't get caught by the Ferrari, I think we win the race. At that point, the #7 was 30 seconds behind us, and she finally finished 14 seconds behind. But hey, with "ifs" we do everything again... After the penalty, I don't know if it depends on the customer... I take a minute of stop and go at Monza even though it's exactly the same thing. Slow zones are also a little difficult to digest. You work for five hours to try to create a gap, the race director presses a button, puts the slow zone on and removes it whenever he wants and there you can find yourself from 20 seconds in front to a minute behind. It's a total lottery and that's what annoys me a little...

What do you think needs to change? 

I understand the idea of ​​the slow zone, you let the race happen but you influence it so much! We (n°8)and n°7 we go from 1st to 7th or 8th... It influences the result too much so wouldn't it be better to put a Full Course Yellow than to put these slow zones. The idea with that is to keep the show, the race but it influences everything. You tell yourself that it's a 24-hour race but ultimately it's a lot of luck, I find that a bit strange. But I'm not going to be a sore loser, it's part of the game, it's like that, but it leaves a bitter taste.

Can you explain to us the situation between you and José Maria Lopéz at the end of the race? 

He comes out in front, the team tells me to leave him and it's normal he fights for victory and then he has a power problem in the second sector. I pass him but I lose a little time. We finished 22 seconds behind the #51 Ferrari…

Comments collected by Valentin Glo, at Le Mans.

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Thierry Pingret

17/06/2024 at 12:14 a.m.

slow zone and safety car to be deleted, to be replaced by fulll course yellow would seem fairer to me


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