Julien Andlauer: “The Proton seems good to us, but not extraordinary either”

Julien Andlauer is participating in his seventh 24 Hours of Le Mans, but for the first time in the premier category: qualified in the middle of the pack, the Frenchman hopes to be able to move up, but the Porsche's lack of top speed could thwart him.

Published on 15/06/2024 à 14:34

Dorian Grangier

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Julien Andlauer: “The Proton seems good to us, but not extraordinary either”

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Julien, we are a few hours from the departure of the 24H of Le Mans, how were the days before the race?

The test days went half as planned. Changes in settings which did not necessarily immediately work as we wanted, but we were able to explore two or three different areas of work and arrive at a correct compromise at the end of the last day, i.e. Thursday. The car seems good to us but not extraordinary either. Will it be enough to go and fight on the front lines? We don't know, but one thing is certain, that we will give everything to try to get back in front and achieve a good result.

How do you approach the track conditions, especially with the cold tires coming out of the pits?

We will say that these conditions are still very complicated. We are looking for the least worst. We're not looking for the best because it's still really complicated at night with cold tires.

You start in the middle of the pack in 14th place…

It's never very beneficial. Of course I would have liked to qualify a little better. Afterwards, as we saw, we had difficulty especially on the straights, so from Tertre Rouge to Indianapolis. As soon as it was running, we felt pretty confident. In a straight line, we lacked a little. I hope we were able to correct that [Thursday]. If we could have positioned ourselves a little further in front, we could have avoided the chaos of the peloton a little. When you are in the middle, there is the greatest chance of having a little touch, which is absolutely not necessary at the start.

Can you explain to us why the Porsche were a little behind during qualifying, and the next day Kevin Estre managed to take pole position?

There is a policy at Porsche which always remains the same over all the last years and all categories, whether in GT3, GTE or Hypercar: always give the full potential to see what the car gives, work properly on it without really looking at the BoP too much or hiding their game. And that's why they were good during the test day on Sunday and why we all had the knife to our throats in qualifying. Actually, it's very simple: I think Kevin's turn, he's just really great. I think he almost put everything together, except for the first mistake he made in the Dunlop chicane. When we look at the micro-sectors, there are none that are purple, they only have green. That means that we don't have the greatest potential, at least in qualifying, and that he managed to put everything together, which the other drivers didn't manage to do.

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