Kurt Mollekens: “Let’s wait until Sunday morning to adjust the strategy”

With two LMGT3s in 12th and 15th places respectively in the category, the WRT team's BMW M4 drivers do not seem too shaken by their qualifying results.

Published on 15/06/2024 à 09:01

Dominique Dricot

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Kurt Mollekens: “Let’s wait until Sunday morning to adjust the strategy”

« It’s certain that we would have liked to participate in the Hyperpole », commented Maxime Martin. “ It's a bit frustrating. We were a little disappointed not to be there but, fundamentally, I don't think it will have an impact on the final result. Obviously, it is in top speed that we have a handicap compared to our rivals. »

« It is certain that our maximum speed (288 km/h, Editor’s note) est at least 3 km/h slower in a straight line than some of our rivals. This is at least the case for Porsche and Fords », explains Kurt Mollekens, the GT3 'program manager' at WRT.

« But we must not focus on this handicap. If we fix it, it will encourage drivers to ride more desperately and, therefore, to make more mistakes. Like, for example, driving beyond track limits or climbing curbs. It is obvious that in the Porsche corners, you can easily gain 5 tenths by cutting but it is impossible to do it for 24 hours at the risk of breaking everything. »

Like a Tibetan monk who advocates a cool attitude, Mollekens continues: “ I will suggest to our pilots to wait. To be patient for about 16 hours. Let's take stock on Sunday at 8 a.m. There will still be time to adapt the strategy at this time. I am convinced that we can win the LMGT3 category in this edition. »

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