Victory for the Ferrari No. 50, follow the 24 Hours of Le Mans live with commentary

Follow the 92nd edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, fourth round of the 2024 FIA WEC season, live with commentary on AUTOhebdo.

Published on 16/06/2024 à 15:00


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Victory for the Ferrari No. 50, follow the 24 Hours of Le Mans live with commentary


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> You can follow the evolution of the ranking live via the official WEC Live Timing, available here.
> Live them 24 Hours of Le Mans with different onboard cameras here.

24H of Le Mans
Follow the race live with commentary

16:12 p.m. – 🏁 This is the end of this live commentary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Thank you for being with us over the last 24 hours. Visit AUTOhebdo to find all the reactions. Wishing you an excellent end of the day! See you next time !

16:00 p.m. – 🏁 FERRARI’S VICTORY! VICTORY FOR N°50 AND THE NIELSEN-MOLINA-FUOCO TRIO! There Team retains its crown at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, one after the success of sister car No. 51. There Toyota No. 7 and the No. 51 Ferrari complete the podium in Sarthe. In LMP2, it was the United No. 22 that triumphed, in LMGT3 the Porsche No. 91 is essential!

15h58 - Nielsen enters his last lap of the race! Ferrari on course for a double after its victory last year

15h52 - In LMP2, the United Autosports No. 22 is 15 seconds ahead of the Inter Europol Competition No. 34 while LMGT3, the Porsche No. 91 of Manthey Racing should not be worried by the BMW No. 31 of Team WRT

15h50 - Only 10 minutes left in these 24 2024 Hours of Le Mans and everything seems to indicate that the Ferrari No. 50 will allow the Scuderia to retain its crown in Sarthe. López went back to 27 seconds but it seems complicated for him…

15h48 - The No. 20 BMW and its Art Car livery return to the track for a final parade of honor, still 215 laps behind the leader.

15:42 p.m. – 📻 The end of hopes at Toyota? In any case, López is expected to secure second position because they do not think that the No. 50 Ferrari will stop again by the end of the race.

15h40 - At López it’s total attack mode. The Argentinian knows that he must take all the risks to get back to Nielsen and that is what he does. He had a tough time with two GT3s at Arnage. We also see that he consumes much more energy than the Dane, on whom he is now 31 seconds behind

15h34 - The No. 8 Toyota in the pits. Refueling only for Buemi which was hot at the restart with the appearance of Cadillac No. 311 in the fast lane. Contact avoided by luck. In front Nielsen keeps the lead with just over 35 seconds on Lopez. Everything could be decided in the last moments

15h31 - 🟡 Slow zone in the Esses de la Forêt while the No. 86 Ferrari in LMGT3 is at a standstill. For several minutes, Serra has been moving in slow motion

15:29 p.m. – 📻 Power problem for the Toyota N°7? López has lost ground to Nielsen as his engineer warns the Argentine that the power is back

15h23 - Instructions at Toyota since López lets his teammate Buemi pass. This one is on an offbeat strategy and was threatening. The Japanese manufacturer probably did not want to take any risks

15h21 - 🌧 Rain is expected between 15:24 p.m. and 15:42 p.m. near Arnage

15h17 - López's turn to dive into the pit lane. Same strategy as the Ferrari N°50 with a refueling of gasoline. Nielsen takes the lead of the race ahead of Vanthoor (Porsche N°6). The Argentinian is 3rd

15h10 - The leading Ferrari No. 50 enters the pits! Simple refueling as López regains the lead with an 18 second lead. Everything will be decided in the Argentinian's last stop since Nielsen is not expected to return to the pits

15h09 - 5 second penalty for Novalak to serve at his next stop for taking an advantage from the outside

15:07 – 💥 Slow motion of López's spin. Hoping it won't cost him victory.

15:01 p.m. – 🟢 Let's go for the last hour of the race! Nielsen and the No. 50 Ferrari still lead the way while Lopez on the No. 7 Toyota has just spun at the Dunlop chicane. 48 seconds separate the two men now in the lead in the general standings!

14h59 - The general classification one hour before the finish of the 24 2024 Hours of Le Mans:

14h50 -💬 Sébastien Bourdais after the abandonment of Cadillac No. 3:

« It's a shame that we abandoned the two biggest races of the year (the No. 01 in which he is entered IMSA abandoned the 24 Hours of Daytona. Editor’s note), but that’s part of the race. We tried to fight as much as possible and we did our best.

Now we will return to the United States and tackle the 6 Hours of Watkins Glen (Sunday June 23), another difficult event. We have work to do because we weren't very good last year and we didn't have the luxury of testing on a tight schedule. We hope to have made good progress on the hard tires and set-up for Watkins Glen and we will continue to push. We are second in the championship, so we will try to maximize the results. »

14h47 - José Maria Lopez pits and leaves first place to the #50 Ferrari which is under investigation.

14h45 - Job van Uitert (IDEC) and Vladislav Lomko (Inter Europol) are on the limit in LM P2 for second place.

14h40 - 5 seconds for Pier Guidi at the next stop. The Italian is found guilty of the accident with Hartley.

14h39 - The stop takes time for Cadillac due to a windshield wiper problem.

14h37 - 🔄️ Alex Lynn returns to the pits and leaves his place to Alex Palou at the wheel of the No. 2 Cadillac.

14h36 - The top 10 of the race at 1h25 from the finish of the 24 2024 Hours of Le Mans:

14h34 - 🌧️ It's raining more and more on the circuit.

14h31 - Spin by Felipe Drugovich (Cadillac n°311) at Dunlop.

14h29 - In the fight for the podium in LM P2, Vladislav Lomko (Inter Europol) overtakes Malthe Jakobsen (COOL Racing).

14h21 - Lopez's overtaking of Pier Guidi in video:

14h16 - Nielsen still can't close his right door and has to return to the pits! The #7 Toyota takes the lead!

14h15 - Pechito overtakes Pier Guidi at the first Mulsanne chicane!

14h14 - José Maria Lopez (Toyota n°7) shows up at the Dunlop chicane and touches Pier Guidi! Both drivers remain on the track!

14h11 - Race management warns Ferrari about their stubborn door...

14h09 - The accident between Hartley and Pier Guidi on video:

14h06 - The #50 Ferrari appears to have a right door problem.

14h04 - Hartley says he has no damage to the car.

14h00 - Brendon Hartley (Toyota no. 8) was hit by Alessandro Pier Guidi (Ferrari no. 51) at Mulsanne while the Australian was trying to pass on the outside!

13h57 - Laurens Vanthoor (Porsche n°6) finally in the pits, but probably too late for the Slicks… Nicklas Nielsen takes the lead with the Ferrari n°50.

13h55 - The #8 Toyota lost time during its stop because the mechanics were unable to change a wheel.

13h54 - The #6 Porsche stays on the track on Slicks and takes the lead.

13h53 - The leaders are in the pits!

13h51 - The No. 12 Hertz Team JOTA Porsche follows suit! The leaders are on Slicks in heavy rain!

13h50 - Cadillac's bet! The No. 2 goes to the pits to put on the Rain shoes while a heavy downpour is forecast between Indianapolis and the finish!

13h47 - Retirement confirmed for AF Corse's #83 Ferrari.

13h40 - 🌧️ Light rain expected around 13:46 p.m.

13:36 p.m. – According to our information, the #20 BMW could return to the track at 15:30 p.m.

13h33 - Hood problem on the #87 Akkodis-ASP Lexus driven by Jack Hawksorth! The Japanese manufacturer was on the podium in the GT3 category.

13h26 - Miguel Molina (Ferrari n°50) dives into the pits as well. The Spaniard comes out on top.

13h22 - The two Ferraris escape with a simple reprimand.

13h20 - Alessandro Pier Guidi (Ferrari no. 51) and Kévin Estre (Porsche no. 6) in the pits. The two Toyotas climb onto the virtual podium.

13h14 - The two Ferrari 499Ps are under investigation for technical violations!

13h10 - Miguel Molina (AF Corse n°50) regained the lead of the race ahead of Brendon Hartley (Toyota n°8) and Alessandro Pier Guidi (AF Corse n°51).

13h07 - Alex Palou left the wheel to Alex Lynn in the No. 2 Cadillac, who is therefore no longer in the lead of the event.

13h05 - Update on the rankings three hours before the goal:

13h00 - The #51 Ferrari takes fourth place!

12h59 - And the rain seems to be making a timid appearance in several places on the circuit, these last three hours promise!

12h58 - Alessandro Pier Guidi makes a big attack on Kévin Estre for fourth place, the Frenchman doesn't give up and the two drivers come close to contact before the Porsche corners!

12h46 - As we enter the last three hours of the race, the rain is slowly starting to fall on the pit straight!

12h43 - Miguel Molina returns to the pitlane with the #50 Ferrari, leaving the controls to the #2 Cadillac.

12h42 - Kamui Kobayashi continues to go for it with the knife between his teeth, the Japanese has achieved the best time of the race so far, in 3'28″756!

12h40 - It was the turn of the No. 8 Toyota to enter the pitlane, Brendon Hartley took over from Sébastien Buemi.

12h38 - The Porsche took advantage of the stops to overtake the Ferrari for provisional seventh position!

12h36 - A new round of stops begins, again with the #51 Ferrari and the #6 Porsche.

12h30 - With 3h30 to go before the finish of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Toyota is in the lead! Sébastien Buemi in the No. 8 has a 6-second lead over the No. 50 Ferrari.

12h28 - Great work from the Cadillac team on the No. 311, which has just returned to the track after its big crash in Indianapolis!

12h25 - Jose Maria Lopez takes the wheel of the No. 7 Toyota!

12h23 - At Ferrari, we play the team race, James Calado (n°51) lets Miguel Molina (n°50) pass.

12h22 - The leading Cadillac, No. 2, once again passes through the pit lane! As in the previous stint, the No. 7 Toyota remained on the track for at least one more lap.

12h19 - The pace is picking up at the front! Alex Palou (Cadillac n°2) and Kamui Kobayashi (Toyota n°7) set the best times in their respective cars!

12h13 - ❌ Abandonment confirmed for the McLaren #59 of United Autosports in LMGT3.

12h12 - 🛠️ The Ferrari AF Corse n°83 has been returned to the garage, no private victory for Ferrari this year!

12h06 - Update on the top 10 in each category with four hours to go!

12h03 - The #99 Porsche Proton is stopped at the exit of the pit lane, 🟡 yellow flag.

12h02 - 🛠️ Yifei Ye got into the #83 Ferrari but he just got out, it will stay in the garage for at least a long time after this imposing smoke at the front right.

12h00 - The #50 and #83 Ferraris stop in the pits, as does the #6 Porsche. The yellow Ferrari smokes a lot from the front right during the stop!

11h56 - Pit stop for the #8 Toyota, Sébastien Buemi remains on board, same thing for the #51 Ferrari which remains driven by James Calado.

11h51 - Sébastien Buemi steals second place from the #83 Ferrari just at the end of the Full Course Yellow!

11h50 - 🟢 The race is restarted under green flag regime

11h47 - 🟡 Full Course Yellow, the #59 McLaren is stopped on the track between Arnage and the Porsche bends.

11h45 - 💬 Pipo Derani's reaction after his accident in Indianapolis: “Unfortunately, we don't know if there was a water flow on the track, or if there were cars that passed before me or debris, but I lost the car suddenly. I didn't have time to react. I took a big impact but fortunately everything is going well for me. It's a shame because we were trying to fight to get back into the lead lap. Racing at Le Mans can be cruel sometimes, you live and learn and try to be better next time. »

11h41 - Satoshi Hoshino finished his last stint at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, putting an end to his career at the wheel of theAston Martin n ° 777:

11h40 - Pit stop for the #7 Toyota.

11h36 - Earl Bamber brings the No. 2 Cadillac back to the pits, he hands over the wheel to Alex Palou!

11h35 - Antonio Fuoco (Ferrari n°50, second position) was told that rain would arrive in 30 minutes!

11h32 - Sébastien Buemi (Toyota no. 8) is hot on the heels of Robert Shwartzman (Ferrari AF Corse no. 83) for third position.

11h28 - Earl Bamber attacks with Cadillac No. 2! The New Zealander has just set the best time in the car, in 3'30″361! In particular, he takes almost a second back from his opponents, lap after lap! Cadillac is adopting an offbeat strategy, it remains to be seen whether it will pay off…

11h22 - The No. 3 Cadillac retired due to a ruptured oil tank.

11h21 - Kévin Estre (Porsche no. 6) takes advantage of the No. 70 Inception Racing McLaren to maintain fifth position against Kamui Kobayashi (Toyota no. 7).

11h15 - While several strategies differed between these five cars, everyone stuck to the same one, except for the No. 2 Cadillac driven by Earl Bamber, who stayed on the track and took the lead!

11h13 - Pit stop for the five leaders, the #50 and #83 Ferraris, the #8 and #7 Toyotas, and the #6 Porsche

11h10 - Confirmation from Cadillac of the abandonment of No. 3:

11h08 - ⚠️ Drive through for Porsche n°5 driven by Frédéric Makowiecki, for non-compliance with the Slow Zone procedure.

11h07 - ❌ Official abandonment of Cadillac No. 3.

11h06 - Here is the Hypercar ranking currently:

11h04 - With all that, we almost forget to talk about GT3! The No. 911 Manthey Racing Porsche 3 GT91 R driven by Richard Lietz leads with an 8-second margin over the only Team WRT BMW M4 GT3 still in the running, the No. 31 of Sean Gelael. The two McLaren 720S from United Autosports complete the top 5. The Iron Dames are 6th.

10h59 - ⏪ We see again the fantastic battle almost three abreast between the Ferraris and the Toyota towards Indianapolis:

10:55 a.m. – ↗️ Antonio Fuoco authoritatively overtakes Frédéric Makowiecki to take the lead of the race! The No. 2 Cadillac of Earl Bamber has just pitted and therefore lost the lead of the race.

10h52 - In LM P2, the advantage goes to Patrick Pilet in the No. 07 Vector Sport Oreca 10. The French veteran has a margin of around ten seconds over the youngsters in Cool Racing n°37 driven by Lorenzo Fluxa. Nico Varrone replaced Ben Barnicoat in AF Corse n°183 and is 3rd.

10h51 - After a visit to the medical center, Daniel Mancinelli (Aston Martin n°27) returned to the paddock without any injury.

10h45 - ↗️ Despite the order to freeze the positions, Antonio Fuoco overtakes Robert Shwartzman to take 3rd place!

10h40 - ↘️ Kamui Kobayashi (Toyota n°7) lets his teammate Sébastien Buemi (Toyota n°8) pass but is also damned by the Porsche n°6 of Kévin Estre! The Japanese is informed that the turbo in his Toyota is malfunctioning!

10h36 - 💥 Getting excited! Pipo Derani goes off the track at Indianapolis and damages the rear body of his No. 311 Cadillac! He leaves again but will return to the pits. “We are fixing the positions” we told both Robert Shwartzman and Antonio Fuoco, who were getting angry in a fight for 3rd place in which Kamui Kobayashi (Toyota n°7) took part.

10:30 a.m. – ✅ The race resumes its rights! Green flag!

10h29 - 🗣 While the race is still neutralized, Dries Vanthoor settles scores with Robert Kubica on Twitter: « Thank you for all your messages, I'm fine! Just a little concussion! Just a bad day for our sport pushing someone at 300 km/h (Kubica on Vanthoor in the Hunaudières. Editor’s note) and receiving a 30-second penalty. Sorry WEC, I'm losing confidence here". The Belgian forgets to mention his very aggressive driving against Robert Kubica who was trying to take a turn on him…

10h20 - ✅ In the game of staggered pit stops, it is now the blue No. 2 Cadillac of Earl Bamber which is leading the race. The New Zealander is ahead of Fred Makowiecki (Porsche n°5) as well as the Ferrari n°83 of Robert Shwartzman and n°50 of Antonio Fuoco. Scott Dixon returned to his garage with the No. 3 Cadillac. The repairs are unfortunately expected to last for the car of Sébastien Bourdais and Renger van der Zande.

10:16 a.m. – ⚠️ Scott Dixon (Cadillac n°3) drives in electric mode! The veteranIndyCar stopped several times in the Hunaudières while the race is still under Safety Car regime. “I don’t think it’s going to do it.” Dixon's track engineer said.

10:07 – 💥 Oh! Nico Müller (Peugeot n°93) came out in the gravel braking in Indianapolis, under Safety-Car regime! The Swiss was surprised by a brief skid of the No. 311 Cadillac in front of him. The Peugeot is stuck in the gravel and is waiting for the tow truck to arrive to put it back on the track... The Peugeot does not seem too damaged but it still hit the wall of tires. "I'm sorry, I can't believe it happened so suddenly!" » said Nico Müller on the radio.

10h05 - 🛠 Pit stops for the two leading Hypercars, the #6 Porsche and the #8 Toyota. Kévin Estre takes his place in the Porsche and Sébastien Buemi returns to service in the Toyota.

10h03 - In LM P2, the No. 183 AF Corse Oreca is still in the lead with Ben Barnicoat in the cockpit. The Bronze driver of the trio, François Perrodo, has already completed his 6 hours of regulatory driving during the night and is in theory no longer forced to drive this Sunday. This definitely puts the chrome Oreca back in the game for the win!

10h - 🛠 Only 6 hours left of the race! The No. 7 Toyota Nyck de Vries change driver. Kamui Kobayashi takes the wheel. The Toyota changes worn-out tires for new soft tires.

9h50 - It smells like a penalty is coming for Jakub Smiechowski (Inter Europol Competition n°34). The Oreca 07, defending champion in LM P2, came out of the pits while the Safety-Car regime was in force! For this infraction, drivers usually pay a high price... Smiechowski is currently 5th and the race remains neutralized.

9:37 a.m. – 💥 Huge accident by Daniel Mancinelli (Aston Martin Vantage GT3 n°27) braking at Indianapolis! The GT3 had moved aside to let Hypercars pass but slipped off course and spun into the tire wall, where it went onto its roof! The pilot emerged from the wreckage alone. The Safety Car is deployed!

9:35 a.m. – We take stock of the provisional Hypercar classification:

LM P2:

9h30 - Big fight for 3rd place in the Hypercar! Nyck de Vries is attacked by Antonio Fuoco (Ferrari, 4th), who overtook Robert Shwartzman (Ferrari, 5th) thanks to traffic in the Tertre rouge!

9:21 a.m. – PORSCHE IN THE LEAD!

Laurens Vanthoor (Porsche n°6) comes to the pits. He also opted for soft slick tires and left quickly. Thanks to the establishment of a Slow Zone at the Indianapolis corner due to the accident involving Felipe Nasr (Porsche n°4), the Belgian gained 20 seconds on the No. 8 Toyota! This was slowed down in the Slow Zone, unlike the #6 Porsche.

9h15 - 🛠 Ryo Harakawa, leader of the race, returns to put on worn-out slick tires! Laurens Vanthoor (Porsche n°6) stays on the track and becomes leader!

💥 Accident of Felipe Nasr (Porsche n°4) braking in Indianapolis! The Brazilian violently hit the wall of tires! The Porsche was at the bottom of the Hypercar rankings. Nasr leaves the prototype, it's abandonment!

9h13 - 🛠 Robert Kubica and Alex Lynn pit and also leave on slick tires! Lynn hands over the wheel to Earl Bamber in the blue No. 2 Cadillac and Robert Shwartzman returns to service in the No. 83 Ferrari.

9h09 - ⏪ We see again the beautiful maneuver of the outgoing winner Giovinazzi on Nato:

9h04 - 🛠 Nyck de Vries (Toyota n°7) pits and opts for soft slick tires! Toyota is trying a strategic move by using their worst-placed car in the general classification! The sun is indeed becoming more and more present on the circuit…

9h03 - ↗️ Taking advantage of a delayed Ferrari GT3, Antonio Giovinazzi (Ferrari n°51) takes the advantage over Norman Nato (Porsche n°12) hampered at the first Mulsanne chicane! The Italian moved to 8th, 1 minute and 10 seconds behind leader Hirakawa (Toyota).

9h – 🔎  And here are the rankings in LM P2 and LMGT3! 

9h – 🔎 Here is the 17th time point of these 24 Hours of Le Mans with the No. 8 Toyota still leading the race!

8h – The No. 7 Toyota, which is shifted in strategy, is currently 3rd and could well emerge victorious in terms of strategy if it puts on slicks at the next stop. In LMGT3, Corvette is taking the slick gamble now!

8h – 🔎 In the pit lane, we start preparing the slick tires! Who will dare to go to the pits first?

8h – The No. 6 Porsche returns, which means that the No. 8 Toyota regains the lead!

8h – 🛠️ Manthey PureRxcing gives some details on the return to the garage of the Porsche n°92: it is having gearbox problems, the gears cannot be changed. The team changed the electrical components and the car returned to the track, 5 laps behind.

8h – The JOTA n°38, the Porsche n°5 and the AF Corse n°83 also passed through the pits, without changing the tires. We're sticking with rain tires for the moment.

8h – The No. 8 Toyota, which leads the race, enters the pits and cedes control to the No. 6 Porsche.

8h – 🔎 A dry trajectory begins to appear on the circuit. The drivers, equipped with rain tires, try to find wet areas to cool the rubber.

8h – ⛅️ Incredible, a few rays of sunlight manage to pierce the clouds! Well, he's still very shy, but that's something!

8h – 📈 After several minutes of struggle, Matt Campbell has just overtaken Jenson Button to take 5th place overall with the #5 Porsche.

8h – On the No. 6 Porsche, Laurens Vanthoor pushes to get back on the leading Toyota No. 8: the gap is back under two seconds!

8h – 🛠️ According to the Manthey team, the #92 Porsche is experiencing a technical problem! Hard blow to the German clan!

8h – ⚠️🛠️ The #92 Porsche, which was leading the race in LMGT3, returns to its box! A brake change coming?

8h – 🌧️ According to the latest weather forecasts, rain should not disrupt the rest of the race. A risk of showers nevertheless persists at midday…

8h – 🔢 We have just passed the 200 lap mark! The #8 Toyota takes a small lead in front of the #6 Porsche.

8h – 🔎 After a short pit stop, Nyck de Vries has already left with the No. 7 Toyota. It seems that it was a visibility problem with his windshield that slowed the Dutchman down.

8:16 a.m. – ⚠️ Drive-through also for the #51 Ferrari, for the same reason as the Cadillac and the Lamborghini.

8h – ⚠️ The #7 Toyota of Nyck de Vries is slowing down! The Dutchman returns to the pits when he was 4th!

8h – ⚠️ Drive-through for the No. 3 Cadillac of Sébastien Bourdais and the No. 63 Lamborghini, for speeding under Full Course Yellow.

8h – The No. 8 Toyota remains in the lead ahead of the No. 6 Porsche, while the No. 50 Ferrari of Nicklas Nielsen takes the outside on the No. 7 Toyota at Tertre Rouge to take 3rd place!

8h – 🟢 Green flag! After more than four hours of Safety Car, the peloton is finally free!

8h – ⚠️ “Safety Car in this lap”: the safety car will return, the race will resume!

8h – 🔎 And we don't forget the LM P2 and LMGT3, of which here is the classification at the moment.

8h – 🔎 Here is the general classification at the 16th hour of the race, still no change under Safety Car obviously.

7h – ⚠️ The third stage of the Safety Car procedure, the famous “pass around” or splitting, has just been activated by the race direction!

7h – ⚠️ FINALLY ! The second phase of the Safety Car procedure has been launched, with the regrouping of the three groups!

7h – 📸 Fireworks, a Hypercar, night and rain: what better way to take a beautiful photo?

7h – It seems that the marshals gave us false joy, because the three Safety Cars ultimately remain on the track…

7h – 🛠️ We are approaching the 16th hour of the race and at present, we deplore eight official retirements: three in Hypercar (Alpine n°35 and n°36, BMW n°15), three in LM P2 (Proton Competition n°9, Duqueine n°30 and Crowdstrike by APR n°45) and two in LMGT3 (BMW n°46 and Ferrari n°54). XNUMX)

7h – ⚠️ RESUMPTION ALERT NEAR? The safety car procedure is moving forward, as Safety Car A will return to the pits at the end of this lap! We are getting closer to a possible relaunch, but let's remain cautious!

7h – 📸 Failing to offer us a beautiful spectacle on the track, the night-rain combo at Le Mans offers us beautiful photos!

(Photos: DPPI)

7h – 🥳 We take advantage of this (very, very long) Safety Car to wish a happy birthday to Yifei Ye (24 years old), pilot of AF Corse n°83!

7h – 📺 To wait, here is an on-board camera tour aboard the Ferrari 499P in the Le Mans night.

7h – 🌧️ The rain is starting to lessen in intensity on the circuit, will we finally see the end of the Safety Car in the near future?

7h – 🔎 Have you decided to take a nap tonight during the 24 Hours of Le Mans? Don't panic, here is the summary of the night at Le Mans between 00:00 and 6:30 in the morning!

Rain, Rossi's retirement and a long Safety Car: the recap of the night at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

7h – 🔎 Here is the current state of the general classification in Hypercars at dawn. The No. 6 Porsche and the No. 8 Toyota exchange the lead of the race during pit stops, while the race has been neutralized under Safety Car regime since 3h45...

7h – 👋 Hello everyone and welcome to this live commentary to follow the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2024 together! We left for nine hours of live until the arrival of this 92nd edition!

24 Hours of Le Mans Live commentary WEC


Here we are ! The 92nd edition of the 24 2024 Hours of Le Mans takes place this weekend, June 14 and 15. The legendary Sarthe event welcomes 62 crews this year, with an exceptional field in the premier category: no less than 23 Hypercars are at the start, a record in the XNUMXst century!

An edition which promises to be very competitive with many favorites (Porsche, Ferrari, Toyota, Cadillac) and outsiders (BMW, Alpine, Peugeot…) in the running for victory. Rain could also add its two cents since showers are forecast for Saturday and Sunday. The 24 2024 Hours of Le Mans can be followed live with commentary on AUTOhebdo!

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