Vincent Vosse: “I think we are in the match”

Despite a problem with the #20 BMW during the Test Day, Team WRT is approaching the 24 Hours of Le Mans with optimism, for its first in the premier category.

Published on 11/06/2024 à 15:15

Dorian Grangier

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Vincent Vosse: “I think we are in the match”

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Vincent, first day here at Le Mans and first day with the BMW M Hybrid V8. How did it go ?

It went well. It's already very difficult today to analyze what everyone has done. We know what we did and we did what was expected. We had obviously gathered a lot of information on car number 20. We are missing a bit of information on car #15. We had a mechanical problem, and because of that we played it safe and changed the engine in this car. This had a huge impact on the program. For the LMGT3, everything went as planned. We have two different cars, with lots of information on both cars, with no technical issues to report.

Coming back to Hypercars, do you feel like you're in the game?

In fact, it's a big word. I think we are in the game. We have the information we wanted to have, at least for car number 20. And let's just say they look good.

The fact that you don't have much information on car #20, is that a big problem or do you still have time to fix it?

As you can see, I don't know if the weather will be completely dry on Wednesday or Thursday. If it's in mixed conditions, we'll be missing a bit of information, but hey... It's the same thing for everyone who starts here at Le Mans with the LMDh.

In LMGT3, things are looking good too. Can you already tell if you're still missing something or if the performance is there?

As we all know, it is very difficult to know what others are doing: how many liters of fuel they are carrying, how many laps their tires have, etc. For now, let's say everything works as expected. But so far in GT we have not been competitive in terms of lap times in the first three races of the championship. So yes, we won a race at Imola, we won through strategy and the quality of our crew, but not by being competitive on the track. So let's wait. I think next Thursday we will know more and we will have a clear vision of our chances.

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