Ferdinand Habsburg: “Do my best and see how I feel”

Injured during a testing accident at Motorland Aragon (Spain) and withdrawn from Imola and Spa, Ferdinand Habsburg is making his comeback at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Alpine. He confided during the Weighing.

Published on 07/06/2024 à 15:59

Valentin GLO

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Ferdinand Habsburg: “Do my best and see how I feel”

Photo: Thomas Fenetre / DPPI

How did you experience this period of convalescence away from the team?

My teammates worked all winter to perform well and suddenly you have to prepare for the biggest race of the year and you are missing a driver. Replacing me with Jules (Gounon) was obviously the best possible solution. He did a very good job. Regardless, they were all very happy to see me again. In a way, as everyone says, when you have some difficulties, you can grow and become better because of them. Even if it's not what you planned, that's how life is. If we get a good result, it will be the most incredible story of our career.

Given what you've experienced this year, how do you feel about being here at Le Mans in the Hypercar category?

You know, that helped me a lot because I think I would have been a lot more nervous, which is a normal situation when you arrive at Le Mans in the top category. However, thanks to my situation, I am not nervous. I just want to do my best and see how I feel. I'm confident I'll be good, but in reality I have to concentrate to make sure I'm going to do a good job. The pressure is off a little on that side, which is good. It also gave us something to fight for.

Are you 100% or is the injury still being treated?

The bones are completely restored, but am I 100%? I feel ready from this point of view.

Were you able to test the car or will Sunday be your first lap of your accident?

I did a day of testing at Paul-Ricard. I drove the car for an hour with no problem. I did a lot of simulators. Everything's going well for me. I've done enough laps.

Comments collected by Michaël Duforest, in Le Mans.

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