In Barcelona, ​​Aston Martin still in the dark with its developments

As in 2023, Aston Martin is unable to keep pace in the development race this season. The times achieved on Friday during Free Practice in Barcelona illustrate these difficulties despite new developments.

Published on 22/06/2024 à 11:54

Dorian Grangier

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In Barcelona, ​​Aston Martin still in the dark with its developments

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These are the main absentees from the fight for the top of the table at the start of the 2024 season. Aston Martin has fallen behind the leading pack and is unable to regain its form from last year. No podium during the first nine rounds (compared to six during the same period in 2023) and above all, a fall in the hierarchy. Now fifth in the Manufacturers' standings, the British team even finds itself under threat from Racing Bulls, who are 20 points behind the Greens.

The most worrying, however, remains Aston Martin's inability to bounce back, with developments that do not seem to work, or at least new features that the team cannot make work. In Barcelona, ​​the English firm introduced changes to its front suspensions, and to the rear and front axles. Despite the slight jump in Canada (6th place for Alonso, 7th place for Stroll), the Spanish weekend did not start off in the best way for the English team. The two cars placed outside the Top 10 during FP2, with a Fernando Alonso relegated to 14th place more than eight tenths of the reference set by Lewis Hamilton.

The double world champion, who is racing at home this weekend for his 20th Spanish Grand Prix, hopes that the developments made to the Aston Martin AMR24 will be understood and optimized by his team during the next rounds, in order to confirm the good result obtained in Montreal. “I think Canada has been good for us, but I think we have to wait for two or three different circuits to really have a result on our understanding of the package. So let's wait and see what happens. »

Aston Martin has “ need some time " to understand the developments

Even if Aston Martin has lost its footing against the Top Teams as mid-season approaches, Fernando Alonso remains hopeful and affirms that the British team is starting to understand the effects of the developments on their car. " These cars, when given more and more downforce, become a little more sensitive in certain situations, explains the Spaniard. This takes some getting used to or just smoothing things out a bit with setting changes. [It also requires] a better understanding of the developments made in each race and [the team] needs a little more time to really adapt [to] this new aerodynamic performance on a different circuit or with different settings . »

“When you start to understand and maximize this package, another package comes. So things need to be reset. This is one of the difficulties we encountered last year with the 2023 car and which we started to encounter this year with the 2024 car, underlines Fernando Alonso, who points out the frantic pace of Grands Prix and development in Formula 1. But I think, as I said after Imola, the picture is very clear: we have a good plan for the future. »

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

22/06/2024 at 03:36 a.m.

Hello Fernand, this is Lawrence Stroll, as Lance is unable to do so, could you give us very precise technical feedback on all the improvements made to your Aston Martin?

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