Adrian Newey discusses post-Red Bull for the first time: “At the moment there is no plan”

His departure from Red Bull at the end of the season noted, Adrian Newey spoke about the rest of his career. Between new projects and the desire to distance himself for a while, the Englishman has left doubts surrounding his future.

Published on 04/05/2024 à 12:42

Gonzalo Forbes

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Adrian Newey discusses post-Red Bull for the first time: “At the moment there is no plan”

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He could almost guess it even before landing in Miami, he had confirmation of it when he arrived in the paddock this Thursday where all the spotlights were on him. And unsurprisingly, Adrien Newey did not escape requests from the press. It's not necessarily the exercise he likes the most, he who sometimes prefers the shadows to the light, but this time, he couldn't escape it.

In Florida, he took his time, first confiding in the Red Bull troops in the garage since the announcement of his departure was made during the week and obviously the trip to the Miami Grand Prix had already started for some . Then came the time to put his voice in front of a media microphone. Calm as usual, Adrian Newey, designer of some of the most historic machines of the F1, spoke directly about what comes next, he who is going to leave Milton Keynes at the end of the year after almost two decades.

Adrian Newey

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A risky gamble... but it pays off

If he is not adept at the media game, the Briton has mastered it practically to perfection with a smooth start to his response, remembering his beginnings within the young Red Bull project in 2006. " Honestly, when I joined the team, I had no idea where we were going to end up, he confided to the microphone of Sky Sports F1.

It was a big risk for my career, and it has been an extraordinary adventure ever since. It's a great honor to work with all these people at the factory and the racing team. [It is] simply fabulous."

As for the reasons which prompted his decision, the man from Stratford-upon-Avon spoke about 2021. A season which ate away at the Austrian ranks due to the breathtaking duel against Mercedes which continued until the last lap in Abu Dhabi for an outcome that everyone knows. But not only. The recent internal episodes have also had their impact.

« Formula 1 is an all-consuming activity – I've been working on it for a long time now, admits the designer. The year 2021 was very busy due to the fierce fight with Mercedes throughout the championship and, at the same time, the research and development of the [RB]18, which was the basis for this generation of cars. There was a time when I felt, as Forrest Gump said, “a little tired.”. [I thought about it] over the winter and as events unfolded this year»

A break before one last adventure for Newey?

The moment is now looming when Adrian Newey will have to prepare for the rest of his career. Rumors from the corridors indicate great interest on the part of Ferrari where Frédéric Vasseur is in the process of refloating the ship with strong recruits, like Lewis Hamilton. The Englishman never hid his love for Team, a stable for which he would have liked to work one day. A dream that will soon come true?

« I'm lucky enough not to need to work to live. I work because I love it, and I felt it was the right time to step back, take a break, take stock of my life and travel a little, continues one of the most coveted men in the paddock.

I think that with Mandy, my wife, and our dogs, we will probably travel, take a camper van or something and cross France to enjoy life. Maybe at some point, I don't know when, I'll say to myself: "Okay, it's [time of] the next adventure. But for now there's no plan. » Traveling, undoubtedly the best way to think with a rested head before undoubtedly undertaking the last chapter of his very long career in F1.

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

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“Gardening leave” in a camper van to discover France, who believes in it! If this is the case, I will suggest that he stop at my place in the Médoc for lunch.

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