Audi still hopes to sign Carlos Sainz

During the weekend in Spain, Alessandro Alunni Bravi explained what exactly the team expected from its second driver for 2025. And Carlos Sainz seems to fulfill all these characteristics...

Published on 22/06/2024 à 12:15

Yannis Duval

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Audi still hopes to sign Carlos Sainz

But where will Carlos Sainz sign? ©DPPI

After signing Nico Hülkenberg last April, Sauber/Audi is still looking for a driver for its second seat. It is clear that the Swiss team is not considering, for the moment, retaining or Valtteri Bottas, neither Guanyu-Zhou. With the arrival of the German brand in Formula 1 in a little over a year and a half, the idea is to propose a sustainable and healthy project.

“We were clear about our driver duo, explains Alessandro Alunni Bravi, representative of the Sauber team. Audi will enter Formula 1 in 2026, we will be their factory team, but this is the start of a long journey. This is the first step of a long and important project for the Audi Volkswagen group. »

The ambition is clear: to find a candidate willing to invest over several years. According to Alunni Bravi, this is undoubtedly the most important factor to take into account.

“We are talking to many pilots, including Carlos Sainz, continues the Italian. This is the most important for people, especially here in Spain. But, we want pilots who are committed to us for the long term, who want to start this journey. We obviously discuss this factor with each driver, and of course now the decision is approaching... We want to know who will be with us next year and in the next seasons, because we also need to start working on the car and the drivers are an important element for this. »

Carlos Sainz in the crosshairs

The profile of Carlos Sainz attracts the desire of all the teams looking for a driver for next year and Alunni Bravi makes no secret of it, the Spaniard seems to be his number 1 choice…

“I think drivers like Carlos Sainz, like Nico Hulkenberg, which we have already signed, can bring a lot of things: experience, raw speed, motivation, continues the person concerned. But there are also other drivers (on the market, Editor’s note) exhibiting these characteristics. I think the level of Formula 1 is really high and we aim to improve our performance, also thanks to the driver who is the most important differentiating factor.

 I don't want to talk about Carlos because it wouldn't be respectful to all the other drivers we talk to. They have the same characteristics: speed, experience and talent to be part of an important project. »

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

22/06/2024 at 03:33 a.m.

Despite the close relationship between Sainz Sr and Audi AG, I do not imagine Sainz Jr at "Saubersteakick" languishing at the back of the grid in 2025 hoping for an Audi chassis up to par in 2026 and perhaps performance in 2027 if the Audi Power Unit is quickly on board!! Hello James, still a free seat at Williams Racing from 2025?


22/06/2024 at 02:01 a.m.

Sainz at Stake, a year before Audi? If the Audi performs. this will not be (being optimistic) before 28! I'm not Sainz (that would be known!) but Briatore + from 26 the Mercedes engine, I would go back to Enstone!!

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