Barcelona, ​​Logan Sargeant's last chance?

Should Logan Sargeant fear the lowering of the minimum age in F1? Badly on track to obtain a contract extension, the Floridian could even lose his steering wheel before the end of the season.

Published on 21/06/2024 à 11:05

Yannis Duval

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Barcelona, ​​Logan Sargeant's last chance?

Is Sargeant playing his season at Barcelona? ©DPPI

Time is running out for Logan sargeant. The American driver disappointed again in Canada after hitting the wall on lap 23, causing him to retire. The results are not there and James Vowles' patience has its limits. Recently, the main team of Williams told us that the team was looking to have “two world-class drivers” for 2026. However, this objective today seems unattainable if the Floridian remains on the grid, given his level displayed since his arrival at Grove in 2023. At the end of the contract, it is almost obvious that it will not be extended by the English team whose ambitions have been revised upwards in recent times. If his future is taking shape far from the Oxfordshire region, is it possible that the Boca Raton native will be invited to look elsewhere sooner than expected?

The thesis has gained weight in recent times and in particular since the FIA ​​lowered the minimum age required to obtain a Super License and therefore, to be able to drive in the World Championship of Formula 1. Now, article 13.1.32 of the F1 Sporting Code states that “in the sole judgment of the FIA, a driver judged to have recently and consistently demonstrated exceptional ability and maturity in formula car competitions car can be granted the Super License at the age of 17. »

Should Logan Sargeant fear this change in the regulations? To hear his boss, James Wolves, the question deserves to be asked. “He’s a Williams driver and our common interest is that it works. We always try to help him, but our support has its own limits. Today the question arises of what happens next, of 2025 and 2026.” the British engineer confided to us.

And Mercedes in all this?

It's no longer a secret to anyone, Toto wolff strongly considering placing Andrea Kimi Antonelli alongside George Russell next year thus replacing Lewis Hamilton, expected at Ferrari. « We've embarked on a path that allows us to say, "You know what, we want to reinvent ourselves a little bit and move forward." And Kimi Antonelli certainly plays a role in that, although we haven't made a decision for next year yet. ", explained the person concerned.

Can the main Silver Arrows team take advantage of Logan Sargeant's situation, and his close ties with James Vowles and Williams, to place their protégé in F1 this season? This transfer could then allow the young 17-year-old Italian driver to gain experience before making the big leap to Mercedes in 2025. This could also allow James Vowles to definitively turn the page on Logan Sargeant, far from convincing him even though he defended him for a long time.

One thing is certain, the American is betting his future (if it is not already sealed) on the next races. And it starts this weekend (June 21-23) in Barcelona.

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

18/06/2024 at 02:44 a.m.

Sargeant will be in the Williams until the summer break then will give way to AKA from the reopening at the end of August at Zandvoort when he turns 18, all bets are on!


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