Bruno Famin recognizes the debacle ofAlpine at Silverstone: “We must learn from this”

Bruno Famin was quite lucid when summarizing the British Grand Prix where Pierre Gasly did not pass the formation lap and Esteban Ocon could not hope for anything.

Published on 08/07/2024 à 17:42

Gonzalo Forbes

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Bruno Famin recognizes the debacle ofAlpine at Silverstone: “We must learn from this”

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Weekend to forget for Alpine on the land of its chassis factory, enstone. Half at home and after an Austrian Grand Prix that was tricky to say the least, the Blues were keen to get back on track at Silverstone. It missed. The meeting started badly with numerous engine penalties Pierre Gasly which quickly conditioned the three days of racing.

To Esteban Ocon, nothing fit together correctly. Eliminated in Q1 after a communication error according to his words, the Norman spent his Sunday trying. First the bet of the intermediaries before the rain really intensifies. Then ironing the slicks. But the damage was already done and the native of Évreux was unable to go beyond 16th place. A tough operation for Alpine who especially saw Haas score 20 points over the last two weekends, where she scored just one to fall to 8th place, 18 lengths behind the Yankees.

« Silverstone was clearly a difficult weekend for the team, recognize fully the main team Bruno Famin. We must learn from this and apply ourselves to do better in the next races. We did not allow our pilots to fight. The positive point of the day was our work on the pit stops, where we made significant progress. It was an intense threesome for the team. We will debrief it collectively, work tirelessly to find improvements and come back stronger. » See you in Hungary in two weeks (July 19-21).

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Gonzalo Forbes

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

08/07/2024 at 06:28 a.m.

But what does Flavio “Il Magnifico”, the one who says he has full powers, do? The latest news is that he would no longer come to the circuits where it rains and would therefore have stayed on the Côte d'Azur during the weekend...




08/07/2024 at 06:41 a.m.

he must not forget to checkout!


Yves-Henri RANDIER

09/07/2024 at 12:30 a.m.

This is more than obvious!


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