Ecclestone: “Review everything from the beginning”

Bernie Ecclestone believes that F1's regulations should be fundamentally changed in order to revive public interest.

Published on 19/10/2015 à 18:17


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Ecclestone: “Review everything from the beginning”

Bernie Ecclestone, the director of the FOM, expressed his desire to see the rules of the F1 be taken back to its basics to better meet public expectations. The discipline's financier, who spoke on the German channel ZDF, would certainly like to see the engine evolve, Mr.E having never been in favor of the arrival of the 1.6l turbo/hybrid.

“We must not forget that we are in an entertainment sector. So we must have the rules that the public wants”, said Bernie Ecclestone. "We should ask them: 'What don't you like about F1 today?' ” and “What did you like before?” » People will say: "Ecclestone, you're getting too old." Young people are a little different.” So we have to review everything from the beginning."

Bernie Ecclestone notably pointed out the space reserved for driving which does not seem substantial enough to him, even if several measures such as limited radio conversations or departure procedures have already been applied. “The drivers sit on the starting grid and an engineer starts the race. They should manage when the lights go out. They don't need to be told what their teammate is doing in a particular corner, for example. It's an engineering championship », added the director of the FOM.

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