Equipped with the developments, Hamilton is convinced that Mercedes is getting closer to the top of the table

If the tricky conditions on Friday disrupted the running plans, Lewis Hamilton has the feeling that Mercedes has reduced the gap with the leading group. To the point of hoping to sign his best result of the year?

Published on 08/06/2024 à 15:04

Gonzalo Forbes

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Equipped with the developments, Hamilton is convinced that Mercedes is getting closer to the top of the table

Soon the end of the vague period for Lewis Hamilton? © Eric Alonso / DPPI

Lewis Hamilton Is he starting to smile again? After a very discreet start to the season during which he was regularly beaten by his teammate George Russell, the Englishman was equipped with all recent developments de Mercedes, he who had been deprived of it in the Principality fifteen days previously.

This Friday, he had the opportunity to get an idea of ​​the performance provided by these new elements on his W15. If overall it was difficult to see to what extent they had progressed given the weather disturbances in Montreal, the seven-time world champion showed a face to which he had no longer accustomed us recently at the end of the two sessions of 'tests.

« I couldn't wait, he confided to the official F1 website, like a child in a candy store. I kept telling the people on the team “Let's go, let's go, let's go”. I pressed them to maximize track time, whatever the conditions.

It's about spending as much time as possible on the track and understanding the two conditions (dry and wet. Editor's note) as well as the changes made to the circuit (which has been resurfaced. Editor's note) and clearances, etc… But it was a very good session, a good day and the car behaved well."

A weekend to claim your best result of the year?

So far, Lewis Hamilton has been very discreet. Apart from his “podium” during the Sprint in China, the future resident of Maranello could never do better than 6e on Sunday. Checkered performances which he hopes to soon get rid of. Maybe this weekend?

Although he doesn't want to get too far ahead yet given Friday's driving conditions, Sir Lewis has the impression that the new kit installed on his W15 could allow him to be more threatening against this season's big names.

« I have the impression that the car reacts well to what I ask of itHe says. I feel really confident. But we won't know until we get going. Saturday is often a different day for us, but I hope it will be a good one. I felt very strong in all conditions, so I am very optimistic. I feel like we're closer to the lead this weekend. » Patience, however, because as he himself says, Lewis Hamilton has often had this speech on Fridays in recent times before seeing all his efforts wiped out on Saturday and Sunday when the serious things really begin.

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Gonzalo Forbes

In charge of promotion formulas (F2, F3, FRECA, F4...). Carried by the grace of Franco Colapinto.

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08/06/2024 at 04:58 a.m.

Let him start by beating his teammate, and then we discuss it! ! !

Yves-Henri RANDIER

08/06/2024 at 03:15 a.m.

Since the start of 2024, Sir “Gold Lives Matter” is very often driven by optimism on Fridays but his enthusiasm fades very quickly as the weekend goes on. I'm wondering more and more about what he will or can bring to Scuderia Ferrari in 2025 apart from "kicking Leclerc's ass"....

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