Ferrari hits hard during qualifying in China

A session far from easy for the Ferrari drivers this morning in China. 6th and 7th on the grid, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will have to make a big comeback tomorrow in the race.

Published on 20/04/2024 à 11:15

Yannis Duval

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Ferrari hits hard during qualifying in China

Charles Leclerc expects to return tomorrow. ©DPPI

Qualifying was complicated for the drivers Ferrari, this morning, in Shanghai. Never really in the rhythm, Charles Leclerc et Carlos Sainz were unable to covet the first places on the grid. They will start 6th and 7th respectively tomorrow. Despite a session strewn with pitfalls for the Italian team (Carlos Sainz caused a red flag by going out in the last corner, in the middle of Q2), Charles Leclerc is confident for the race that awaits them.

“We had a lot of inconsistency in the car, but I think that was the case for everyone, judges the Monegasque. The wind changed between Q2 and Q3, we had more difficulty. Our car is more based on the race than on qualifying, we knew that in this exercise it was not going to be optimal. For tomorrow, we are in a good position but it's a shame, there were four cars in a tenth... I am still confident for the race, we have a good car and the management of the tires (in the Sprint race, Editor's note) was very good. »

Carlos Sainz not comfortable

For his part, Carlos Sainz scared himself by making a mistake in Q2. The Spaniard was nevertheless able to leave; the damage to his car were mainly on the front wing. “It was a complex session, I gave myself a big scare, he sighs. I didn't expect to lose so much grip, I was able to regain control of my car so as not to hit the wall at a bad angle. Luckily, I just brushed against the wall, so I was able to continue.” 

For tomorrow's race, Sainz shows a little less optimism than his Monegasque teammate: “It’s a complicated track for us, we’re not very fast this weekend. Even in Free Practice or Sprint races, we are not at the level we would like to be.” 

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