Verstappen at Mercedes? Horner instead urges Wolff to focus on his team's difficulties

While Toto Wolff said he wanted to sign Max Verstappen for the 2025 season, Christian Horner wanted to respond to him by not hesitating to throw a few picks at him...

Published on 27/04/2024 à 15:00

Yannis Duval

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Verstappen at Mercedes? Horner instead urges Wolff to focus on his team's difficulties

Christian Horner and Toto Wolff, the love story continues. ©DPPI

With chis war within the Red Bull clan since the start of the season, and notably with the Jos Verstappen/Christian Horner quarrel, the future of the triple world champion Max Verstappen is not yet guaranteed to sign with the Austrian team, although he is under contract with the latter until the end of 2028. Naturally, when the best driver on the grid can have desires elsewhere, all the other teams come to take the temperature.

This is the case of Mercedes who, with the departure of Lewis Hamilton at the end of the year, must find a new teammate in George Russell. Toto wolff, the main team of the Silver Arrows has not hidden it: he wants Max Verstappen for next year.

“There are so many factors that play a role in a driver joining a team, admits the Austrian. Clearly, from the most rational point of view, one can say 'Well, it's the fastest car in the hands of the fastest driver'. But I don't think that's the only reason you stay where you are. For simple minds, let's say, that might be the only reason you stay in the car and that's it.

But maybe there's more depth to some people who also take other factors into account, and I think Max has more depth. Are we able to convince him? I don't think it's a matter of belief, Max knows motorsport better than anyone. He will make the decisions he feels are right for him. I think a few factors play a role, but he is the one who will trigger other dominoes to fall, but everyone is waiting to see what he will do. »


The Verstappen clan at Mercedes, what if the unthinkable happened? ©DPPI

Horner calms Wolff

Following these statements, Christian Horner hastened to calm Toto Wolff's enthusiasm by affirming that Verstappen will drive well for Red Bull in 2025.

« He has a contract until the end of the 2028 season, but it's not a question of pieces of paper, it's a question of how he feels in the team, the relationship he has with it and the way he performs with her. I don't want to get dragged into this, but I believe that it is sometimes necessary to make yourself heard. Why the hell would you want him to leave this team? Have we not today surpassed the number of races won by Mercedes in the modern era (117 for Red Bull against 116 for Mercedes)? I can assure you that there is no ambiguity about Max Verstappen's place next year."

The main British team takes the opportunity to throw a little jab at their best opponent: “ Maybe he should focus on something other than unavailable drivers! Mercedes evolves behind its customers (McLaren et Aston Martin. Editor’s note) at the moment, so I think he would be better off focusing on his team rather than the driver market ". At least the answer couldn't be clearer...

These new media outings by the two men could then be the start of a long soap opera. However, the decision will come, at one point or another, to Max Verstappen. However, the Dutchman has still not communicated his official decision.

“I signed a long contract with the team. The only thing I've said from the beginning is that we want to have a calm and peaceful environment. Lately we have been talking about the car, I am already very happy about it. As long as I'm happy with the team, there's never been a reason to leave. »

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

27/04/2024 at 03:56 a.m.

Certainly the Aston Martin and the McLaren are, to date, more efficient than the Mercedes... which is Brackley's 3rd consecutive failure! Not enough to seduce a triple (and soon quadruple) World champion...


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