5 years ago… when Vettel was deprived of victory in Canada

Five years ago today, Sebastian Vettel crossed the finish line in the lead of the Canadian GP... before being downgraded to 2nd place following a five-second penalty. The German, frustrated, presented a scene that has become emblematic in the Parc Fermé...

Published on 09/06/2024 à 10:35

Jean-Michel Desnoues

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5 years ago… when Vettel was deprived of victory in Canada

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(Article from AUTOhebdo n°2220, published June 12, 2019)

The Saint-Laurent carries its share of strong emotions this Sunday afternoon. They come from Ile Notre-Dame and mingle in a confused magma of anger, frustration, incomprehension, justification, justice, injustice. In the paddock, in the stands, it's the same big debate. There is the camp of those who think that the victory was stolen from him, and that of those who, on the contrary, understand the penalty. In these moments, let us be in favor of the loser Hag or the winner Hamilton, we are sad whatever it is.

Sad as the pilot Ferrari lost in this way a deserved victory and sad that the pilot Mercedes won in this way a victory that he did not steal. Who is right ? Who's wrong ? Which way should the scales have tipped? In favor of the one who, reluctantly, returned to the track randomly after having bypassed a chicane? In favor of the one who pushed his opponent into a mistake and had to step on the brakes to avoid the collision? Is it a theft as the German claims? Is this a sanction that must be accepted as the Englishman comments? Has justice triumphed? The debate is open…

How beautiful it was this weekend in La Belle Province for Scuderia Ferrari. Certainly

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