Kaltenborn: stables do not have to make the rules

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal of Sauber F1 Team, spoke about the situation of her team and F1 in issue 2028 of AUTOhebdo.

Published on 10/09/2015 à 16:49


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Kaltenborn: stables do not have to make the rules

Sauber is, with Force India, the team that gives voice to the big structures. Are these still as deaf?

It is not the latter that we want to make ourselves heard but the holder of the commercial rights of the F1, the FIA ​​and the fans… We are not commercial platforms as can be Red Bull who has to sell their cans or Mercedes his cars. We must ensure that our concerns are not only heard, but understood…

Is it still naive to hope for something good from the famous Strategic Group to remedy the problems?

I judge from the outside because Sauber is not part of it and, probably like you, I see that it only addresses the details. The real problems are not being addressed. No, I don't see anything good coming. And yes, it would be naive to hope that it could be otherwise.

Aren't the most naive members of the FIA ​​who believed that F1 could manage itself?

I would never allow myself to speak of our legislators in this way. The only thing I can say is that I hoped for more, and still hope for more, from our legislators because we need a strong federation... Do we change the penalty system? Are we changing the weekend format? All these things and many more are not the responsibility of the stables….

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