The new version of the Ferrari SF24 with an RB20 look is shown at Fiorano

The Ferrari SF24 and its developments were seen in action near Fiorano one week before the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix. The Scuderia passed second.

Published on 10/05/2024 à 18:06

Gonzalo Forbes

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The new version of the Ferrari SF24 with an RB20 look is shown at Fiorano

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Change is underway for Ferrari. By Red Bull in their sights, the Italian clan is working hard to catch up. Internally, Frédéric Vasseur motivates his troops to keep them moving forward. Step by step, evolution by evolution. It is moreover the latter which are awaited as well by Carlos Sainz et Charles Leclerc that all the fans.

Unlike McLaren who bet on the Miami Grand Prix, where Lando Norris embarked no less than 9 new elements on its MCL38, the Scuderia chose to wait until the return to Europe to bring out the heavy artillery. It will therefore be at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix (May 17-19) that the Reds will debut the new version of the SF24. A new version already seen in action.

Redbullian inspirations

On the occasion of a 200-kilometer filming day authorized by the FIA, Ferrari took the opportunity to send its SF24 2.0 onto the track. Despite the discretion of the event, the Transalpines could not escape the fervor of the fans, always close to the Fiorano route, especially when they heard engines roaring.

Quickly, the first photos invaded social networks. On these, we mainly notice the redesign of the side air intakes of an SF24 which is now very close to the design of the Red Bull RB20. Indeed, the Scuderia made the same choice as the Austrians with inverted entrances with the upper lip placed in front of the lower in order to improve the cooling of the internal elements undoubtedly replaced to accommodate this new armor.

Other elements catch the eye on closer inspection, such as this new engine hood with an air outlet at the rear rather than different side hatches that the engineers could decide to close or open depending on the weekend. Around the driver, the aerodynamic fin juxtaposed with the mirrors has been lengthened while the fins on the sides of the halo have been redesigned in the shape of a snake and relocated closer to the driver's head.

A McLaren-like surge for Ferrari at Imola?

Unlike other teams, Ferrari has chosen to wait. The last two Grands Prix having been contested with a Sprint format (China and Miami), the Scuderia preferred to introduce everything into a traditional weekend with three free practice sessions before entering the Parc Fermé regime. The opportunity for engineers to collect as much data as possible and thus have initial answers.

Logic would dictate that these developments would allow Ferrari to get closer to Red Bull, like what McLaren did in Florida last weekend. The Reds could then begin their second phase of development more calmly. On the condition of course that this first salvo already brings satisfaction to both the engineers and the drivers on the track.

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