Turkey officially replaces Singapore on the 1 F2021 calendar

The Istanbul round, which was initially scheduled to take place instead of the Canadian GP, ​​will finally take place at the beginning of October to replace the night event canceled a few weeks ago.

Published on 25/06/2021 à 11:01


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Turkey officially replaces Singapore on the 1 F2021 calendar

Istanbul Park made a welcomed return to the F1 calendar last year / © DPPI

We take the same and start again. For the second time this year, the Turkish Grand Prix is ​​added to the 2 calendar to replace a round canceled due to the health situation. 

La F1 announced this Friday that it would go to Istanbul Park from October 1 to 3, the dates initially planned for the Singapore Grand Prix, forced to throw in the towel a few weeks ago, again because of the pandemic context . 

This is therefore the second time that Turkey has attempted to return to the calendar this season. The first attempt aimed to replace the Canadian GP (June 2-1), canceled after F11 players did not obtain the necessary exemptions to escape the quarantine measures in force in Quebec. 

Announced at the end of April, the return of Istanbul Park was aborted barely 15 days later, due to an increase in Covid-19 cases in the Bosphorus. Turkey had above all been placed on the red list of the British authorities, greatly complicating the logistics of the F1 troops, the majority of the contingent of which is based in the United Kingdom. 

F1 finally opted for a second event in Austria, the Styrian Grand Prix which takes place this weekend (June 2-25). This permutation had the unfortunate consequence of bringing the French Grand Prix forward by one week (June 27-18) a full month before the event. 

Turkey will therefore be the second stage of a triplet also including Russia (September 24-26) and Japan (October 8-10), where the Summer Olympic Games should validate the relaxation of travel restrictions.

Therefore, British paddock members, who would have to observe strict quarantine if they returned directly from Istanbul or had transited there in the 10 days before their return to the United Kingdom, may plan to extend their stay in Japan by a few days in order to return to the country without having been in Turkey in the 10 days before. 


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