After his victory in Monaco, Leclerc “is not yet thinking about the championship, but…”

Buoyed by his success in the Principality and by Ferrari's progress since the start of the season, Charles Leclerc is now aiming for victory in all Grands Prix without thinking about the championship... for the moment.

Published on 07/06/2024 à 11:19

Dorian Grangier

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After his victory in Monaco, Leclerc “is not yet thinking about the championship, but…”

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The milestone of a third of the 2024 season was reached two weeks ago, with the arrival of a Monaco Grand Prix won by Charles Leclerc. From an accounting point of view, despite the domination of Max Verstappen in this first part of the championship, the gap between the leader and his runner-up is “only” 31 points. A ridiculous gap when there are still 16 Grands Prix (and four Sprints) to go. Above all, unlike 2023, the domination Red Bull is more than contested, with the return to favor of Ferrari et McLaren on the last performances.

A situation which opens up some optimism among the Reds. The Scuderia progresses over the weekends and now seems capable of fighting neck and neck with Max Verstappen. The consistency of Charles Leclerc (eight finishes in the top 4 in eight Grands Prix) also allows him to stay in contact with the Dutchman. Would the title race be launched between the two men?

“I'm not thinking about the championship yet, but the goal is to win races every weekend, affirms the Monegasque. I think we've improved more than anyone over the last seven or eight months, and we need to continue to focus on that process rather than the outcome. The good result will only be the fruit of hard work and a job well done. We really focus on the process, on our weaknesses and how we can optimize every aspect of the car. By doing this we will get to the point where we will be able to win every weekend. »

Launch momentum in Canada

The Gilles-Villeneuve circuit, scene of the Canadian Grand Prix, should provide the first elements of answer as to Ferrari's capacity to compete in the two world championships (the Scuderia is only 24 points behind Red Bull among the Manufacturers ). If the Italian team is able to win against Red Bull and Max Verstappen – but also against McLaren – then the Reds would confirm their new status.

“That is of course the goal, because although we felt very good in Monaco, we now have to move forward and look at what awaits us, puts Charles Leclerc into perspective. We want to win the world championship, that's the goal, and for that we still have to make progress. »

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Dorian Grangier

A young journalist nostalgic for the motorsport of yesteryear. Raised on the exploits of Sébastien Loeb and Fernando Alonso.

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

07/06/2024 at 01:39 a.m.

Before thinking about the championship which is still very long in 2024, it is better to repeat Monaco on other less atypical tracks and confirm that the gap with Red Bull is tiny before making plans for the comet


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