Old Power Units banned in 2016

The FIA ​​has specified that the regulations for the 2016 season will prohibit the sale of Power Units operated in 2015. This decision directly concerns Red Bull.

Published on 14/10/2015 à 12:19


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Old Power Units banned in 2016

In the latest version of the regulations published this Wednesday, October 13, the International Automobile Federation announced that the sale of Power Units from the 2015 season will be prohibited from the 2016 season, on the grounds that “only Power Units approved for the 2016-2020 period will be authorized”.

This announcement directly concerns Red Bull et Ferrari. The Prancing Horse manufacturer had offered to supply engines from the 2015 season to the Austrian structure next year, which the Red Bull firmly refused after the failure of negotiations with Mercedes. The Italian brand had clarified that it could not supply new 1.6l turbo / hybrid for logistical reasons.

The FIA ​​nevertheless clarified that the regulations could change subject to unanimous agreement from the teams.

Three months before the first tests of the 2016 season, Red Bull still does not have an engine contract for next year. Some members of the Milton Keynes stable is even considering a contract extension with Renault despite the deterioration of relations between the two structures.

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