The decisions of the World Council for F1

In addition to the new calendar for the 2016 season, the World Motor Sport Council has revealed several decisions regarding F1.

Published on 30/09/2015 à 21:46

Pierre Tassel

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The decisions of the World Council for F1

Several new features, detailed today by the World Motor Sport Council meeting in Paris this Wednesday, will come into force in F1 in the future. The first of these concerns the limits of the track. “Pilots will have to make every effort to use the track at all times and not deliberately leave it without good reason. » Penalties will always be applied, based on whether the offender has gained an advantage or not.

The noise of the single-seaters, a subject which agitated the paddock during the introduction of the V6 turbo/hybrid Power Units, has not been forgotten. 2016 will see the installation of a separate exhaust linked to a wastegate, through which only the gases from this wastegate will have to circulate. This allows the increase in noise “without significant effect on power or emissions. »

The World Council also clarified the restrictions on aerodynamic wind tunnel and CFD tests, and specified that on-board cameras on the nose of single-seaters will be banned from 2017. Finally, any driver who results in a new starting procedure will have to start from the pit lane, this also being applied after a racing suspension.

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