Lewis Hamilton retains victory in Italy

Lewis Hamilton's victory remained up in the air, with Mercedes under investigation for a possible tire pressure violation. The commissioners finally cleared the German-British duo.

Published on 06/09/2015 à 18:37

Pierre Tassel

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Lewis Hamilton retains victory in Italy

In the final laps of the Italian Grand Prix, while Lewis Hamilton had a more than comfortable lead over Sebastian Vettel, Mercedes had curiously asked his pilot to increase the pace. After the finish, the potential reason surfaced, with Mercedes being placed under investigation for a possible tire pressure violation on the #06 W44 Hybrid.

The pressure in the left rear tire had been measured at 0″3 PSI below the limit value set by Pirelli at 19,5 PSI. A penalty, particularly time, was then possible. After investigation, the commissioners finally cleared Mercedes. The FIA ​​has released the following statement.

“After hearing the Technical Delegate, the representatives of the team, and the Pirelli engineer, the stewards believe that the pressures in the affected tires corresponded to the minimum starting pressure recommended by Pirelli at the time they were fitted to the car.

In determining this based on the pressures, the stewards noted that the electric blankets were disconnected from their power source, which is normal procedure, and the tires were well below the temperatures allowed by the electric blankets at the time. The FIA ​​measurement was made on the grid, and at temperatures significantly different from the other cars measured on the grid.

Additionally, the stewards were satisfied that the team followed specified procedures, supervised by the tire manufacturer, for the safe use of tires. The commissioners decide not to impose a penalty.

However, the commissioners recommend that Pirelli and the FIA ​​hold further meetings to provide clear instructions on the measurement protocols. »

Lewis Hamilton therefore retains his victory acquired on the track.

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