Lewis Hamilton winner at Silverstone: God save the King!

On his land and in front of his subjects, Lewis Hamilton put an end to his torments by signing his first victory since the 2021 Saudi Arabian GP. A 104th victory with accents of renewal for the seven-time world champion and for the Mercedes team, back to the forefront.

Published on 08/07/2024 à 15:45

Jean-Michel Desnoues

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Lewis Hamilton winner at Silverstone: God save the King!


It's as if he had returned from a long crusade! As if he had found his beloved land after too long an absence. So, before setting foot on land, he gives time to time. He leaves time for tears. Beginning on the evening of a stolen victory in distant Abu Dhabi on December 12, 2021, his exile ended on this afternoon of July 7, 2024. During these thirty months of crossing the desert, there were quite a few podiums, like so many oases, but nothing with the inimitable flavor of victory. He who had delighted in its succulence more than a hundred times in the past, had even lost the taste for it. A few more moments for him, for him, in this cabin that he will have to leave.

He opens his visor, slides his still gloved hands into the opening and wipes his eyes. Now we have to get out. Never has the verb stand up had so much meaning for him who comes from so far away. So, he dissects each of his gestures, stands up and brandishes the Union Jack that a commissioner handed him during his lap of honor. He deploys it. The King is back. It is not bravado that he comes to greet the crowd, but humble and grateful. She too was in all the fights, she

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