The story behind Guanyu Zhou's photo at the 2005 Chinese Grand Prix

On the occasion of the Chinese Grand Prix, a photo of Guanyu Zhou during the 2005 edition reappears on social networks. The story of a photo that quickly went viral...

Published on 16/04/2024 à 10:35

Yannis Duval

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The story behind Guanyu Zhou's photo at the 2005 Chinese Grand Prix

Guanyu Zhou, during the 2005 Chinese Grand Prix. ©DR

When Guanyu-Zhou presented its new helmet, a few days ago, a detail seems to have escaped a good number of fans of Formula 1. For this Chinese Grand Prix, the Sauber driver will race with a special piece inspired by the Shanghai metro lines. However, on the back of the helmet, there is a photo of a young boy waving a flag in the colors of Renault…Where does this photo come from and what does it mean?

This photo had already appeared on social networks in 2022, during its first season. In an episode of podcast F1 Beyond The Grid, Guanyu Zhou returned to the origins of this cliché.

“When I was a child, everyone loved Michael SchumacherMore Fernando Alonso was the only one who could beat him and that was something special, remembers the Chinese pilot. He always tried to be the best with every car he drove. It has always inspired me. [...] I chose an Alonso flag, because he was someone I always admired in F1. I remember: it was at the Chinese Grand Prix in 2005. I supported him throughout the year. »

A profitable choice for the young Guanyu Zhou, then six years old, since the Spanish driver won during this edition on the Shanghai international circuit. He will also – and above all – win his first world championship that same year.

Running with your idol

19 years later, Guanyu Zhou has become a Formula 1 driver and will start, for the first time in his career, his national Grand Prix... at the same time as Fernando Alonso, his lifelong idol.

Zhou Alonso

Guanyu Zhou and Fernando Alonso, in 2021. ©Alpine

“Today we play the same sport and he is still there, doing a great job, he explained in 2022. At his age, he is still in F1 and he is really great. I don't think there are many things more enjoyable than competing against him. »

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

16/04/2024 at 05:25 a.m.

Fingers crossed that Steak will have timely pit stops during this Chinese GP!


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