Magnussen vows 'to be careful' as he faces suspension

On the verge of reaching 12 points on his license and therefore a suspension race, Kevin Magnussen will change his approach for the next races.

Published on 16/05/2024 à 17:47

Gonzalo Forbes

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Magnussen vows 'to be careful' as he faces suspension

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He is in danger and he knows it. Arguably the driver with the greatest chance of suffering a Grand Prix suspension for reaching the 12 penalty points on his license. I have to say that Kevin Magnussen has been looking for it since the start of the season, like his entire weekend in Miami a fortnight ago.

Indeed, the Florida weekend was marked by some (dirty) blows like its rough defense on Lewis Hamilton during the Sprint which cost him 3 points on his license. As if that wasn't enough, his excess of optimism sent him into contact with Logan sargeant on Sunday. A new uncontrolled maneuver which cost him an additional withdrawal of 2 units.

Assessment? After only 6 Grands Prix, Kevin Magnussen has already lost 10 of the 12 points (3 in Saudi Arabia and 2 in China in addition to those in Miami) on his license. A very embarrassing situation since he will not be able to recover any before March 9, 2025… So, the pilot Haas will have to play the rest of the season under threat of suspension.

Kevin Magnussen defends himself

In Imola this weekend for the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, K-Mag will therefore be scrutinized very closely, in particular by its best friend in 2024, the race direction. A last one that he did not hesitate to point out.

« The situations in which I had to act as a shield for my teammate paid off, which was very useful to us, he calmly advances before attacking the current system. I don't like the way the rules are enforced, the fact that it's possible [to be suspended], I wish it wasn't possible at all. But since the rules are as they are, and I didn't make them... There are things to look into. As for me, I have 10 points and I must therefore be careful not to be suspended from a race."

Among the points criticized, Kevin Magnussen deplores a lack of rigor on the part of the race direction. While it decided to stop deducting points from drivers for infractions relating to track limits, the latter used the term “exceptional circumstance” to pin down the Nordic. A rule with which the person concerned obviously has a lot of difficulty.

« The fact that I risk suspension for driving outside a few white lines on the tarmac, I don't know if I think that's fair, he says. That's the way the rules are set, so I accept it, but I think there's room to improve that. Not just in terms of points, but there are more races now than when they were introduced and I feel like you can end up with a suspension for a very minor thing. »Whether he likes it or not, the sanctions have already been imposed and there is nothing he can do, except to hold back for the next few months because given his behavior on the last track, a suspension could quickly happen... If this happens by the end of the year, he would become the first driver suspended since the points-based license was introduced in 2014.

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Gonzalo Forbes

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

17/05/2024 at 12:23 a.m.

An “exceptional circumstance” designation to single out the Dane who has a good back... the sanitization of F1 by the commissioners and the rules laid down by FOM and FIA has started well!

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