For Marko, Hadjar must win the F2 title to qualify for F1 at Racing Bulls

At the microphone of Canal+, Helmut Marko confirmed the presence of Yuki Tsunoda at Racing Bulls in 2025 and spoke of his potential teammates... with among them, Isack Hadjar. The head of the Red Bull sector has set a very specific objective for the Frenchman if he wants to claim a seat next year.

Published on 08/06/2024 à 21:06

Dorian Grangier

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For Marko, Hadjar must win the F2 title to qualify for F1 at Racing Bulls

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Helmut Marko knows how to communicate. Far from the usual and increasingly frequent wooden tongues, the Austrian stands out by going straight to the point, without skirting the subject. At 80, the ex-pilot converted into manager of the young pilot sector Red Bull don't lose your way!

In Canada, Helmut Marko did as usual, announcing from the rooftops that Yuki tsunoda would still be a Racing Bulls driver in 2025 well before any official announcement (happened this Saturday evening, just before qualifying for the Canadian GP). Nothing very surprising, since both seats are now padlocked at Red Bull following the contract extension of Sergio Pérez, announced Tuesday. Questioned on this subject by Canal+, the Austrian confirmed his words: “I would say that Yuki Tsunoda is at a fixed position and the rest is to be seen”, he said… before continuing about his potential teammate.

And that's where it's interesting, since Helmut Marko mentions three names to support the Japanese driver next year: “There is Lawson, of course, in the front row, but we also have two good drivers. One is Hadjar, of course, in F2. But also Iwasa, in Super Formula, who is doing well. » Note that he is not referring here to Daniel Ricciardo, who seemed well on his way to keeping his seat at Racing Bulls according to the latest statements from the CEO of the Italian team, Peter Bayer.

Winning F2, Hadjar's mission

Isack Hadjar, currently second in the Formula 2 championship with already two Main Race victories to his credit (and a 2nd place in Monaco), would therefore be well on the list of potential contenders for the RB seat in 2025. However, also intransigent and dissatisfied that he can be, Helmut Marko has set a condition so that he has a chance of arriving in F1 next year, and not just any condition: “First [Hadjar] has to win F2. He must continue as he is doing [currently]. » The message is clear.

The Austrian – who appreciates the young French driver, it's no secret – believes that whatever happens at the end of the season, Isack Hadjar still has time ahead of him to prove himself, he who races after the Formula 2 title despite a mixed start to the season. “He was unlucky, I must say, with his technical problems and in Monaco, at the wrong time, the safety car took away the victory. But he is young. He still has time ahead of him and we will see what happens at the end of the season. »

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Dorian Grangier

A young journalist nostalgic for the motorsport of yesteryear. Raised on the exploits of Sébastien Loeb and Fernando Alonso.

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

09/06/2024 at 10:24 a.m.

A Kiwi (Lawson) up against an Aussie (Ricciardo) for the second seat of Ridiculous Bulls! Hadjar and Iwasa will repeat respectively in F2 and Super Formula


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