Where does Norris rank among the drivers who waited the longest before their first victory?

Lando Norris scored his first victory in F1 after more than 5 years and more than a hundred Grands Prix. Where does he fit in the history of Formula 1?

Published on 11/05/2024 à 15:47

Gonzalo Forbes

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Where does Norris rank among the drivers who waited the longest before their first victory?

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To slash the champagne from first place, Lando Norris had to wait, wait a lot. Before the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, the representative of McLaren had missed his chance of a first victory. It was in Russia, a little less than three years ago.

So in the lead, he took the gamble not to stop when the rain started to fall with only a handful of laps left to complete. A choice which did not bring him luck, ending up trapped by falling water on the Sochi route. Since then, the Englishman has not really had another real opportunity to win. In Florida, he wasn't supposed to have one. At least on paper. But ultimately, the facts of the race worked in his favor and Lando Norris ended up exulting.

A feat which occurred during his 110e Grand Prix making him one of the drivers who had to wait the longest before claiming victory.

Norris, the equal of Fisichella, Pérez far ahead

In the history of F1, Lando Norris became the 114e different winner, the first to enter this circle since his compatriot George Russell (2022 Brazilian Grand Prix).

In the ranking of the greatest number of Grands Prix contested before a first victory, the Briton equaled a certain Giancarlo Fisichella, also winner for his 110e appearance in F1 (2003 Brazilian Grand Prix). In the Top 10, there are 8e with Mika Hakkinen and his 96 starts behind them (1997 European Grand Prix).

So far, the record is held by Sergio Pérez. Arriving in Formula 1 in 2011 under the colors of Sauber, Checo had to wait until 2020 and his 190e Grand Prix to climb to the top of the podium. It was during the Sakhir Grand Prix in the middle of a pandemic when he also managed to win after completing the first lap of the race in last position! Carlos Sainz (150) and Mark Webber (130) are the other residents of the Top 3 of this ranking, some of whom would prefer not to appear there even if winning in F1 is not given to everyone...

The Top 10 drivers with the most races before their first victory

1. Sergio Pérez – 190 (2020 Sakhir Grand Prix)
2. Carlos Sainz – 150 (2022 British Grand Prix)
3. Mark Webber – 130 (2009 German Grand Prix)
4. Rubens Barrichello – 124 (2000 German Grand Prix)
5. Jarno Trulli – 117 (2004 Monaco Grand Prix)
6. Jenson Button – 113 (2006 Hungarian Grand Prix)
7. Nico Rosberg – 111 (2012 Chinese Grand Prix)
= 8. Giancarlo Fisichella – 110 (2003 Brazilian Grand Prix)
= 8. Lando Norris – 110 (2024 Miami Grand Prix)
10. Mika Hakkinen – 96 (1997 European Grand Prix)

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