Pérez apologizes after dismal performance in Canada: 'I let the team down'

Eliminated in Q1 and the sole culprit in his accident, Sergio Pérez experienced another nightmarish weekend in Canada. Poor performances which follow one another and which raise questions after his contract extension...

Published on 11/06/2024 à 10:32

Dorian Grangier

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Pérez apologizes after dismal performance in Canada: 'I let the team down'

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One would have thought that his contract extension, announced last Tuesday, would free him from a weight, from a pressure. We would have thought that we were going to find a more solid Sergio Pérez in Canada, he who was left with two poor performances in Imola and Monaco. It did not happen.

In Montreal, the Mexican experienced a dark weekend, where nothing worked. On Saturday, he was eliminated in Q1 for the second time in a row (!) when, at the same time, his teammate was going to secure a first row with the same time as George Russell's pole position. On Sunday, unable to recover in wet and changeable conditions, Sergio Pérez made a mistake all alone and ended his race against a wall.

An error synonymous with retirement... in the stands, since Red Bull - with a view to favoring a victory for Verstappen – explicitly asked his driver to return to his box in order to avoid a Safety Car. A maneuver that will cost him three penalty places on the next starting grid, in Spain (June 21-23).

After a solid start to the season, Sergio Pérez is in distress with only 4 points scored in the last three Grands Prix. A sad score for a driver sorry for his poor performance in Canada. “I'm really sorry for my team, I let them down. But we will definitely come back, the road is long. The incident is my fault, I hit the wet part in the sixth corner and I couldn't stop the car, I couldn't touch the brakes”, confided the Mexican on Sunday.

“It’s been a very tough two weekends, we’re going to come together, keep our heads down and learn from this weekend, he added. We identified a few issues after qualifying which would have allowed us to qualify much better. I hope we can regain our form in Spain and the level we were at at the start of the season. I am confident, there are good avenues available to us. »

Pérez must “come back strong in Barcelona” believes Red Bull

Obviously, this new failure questions the relevance of having extended Sergio Pérez for two additional years at Red Bull because despite the victory of Max Verstappen, these are good McLaren et Mercedes who scored the most points this weekend in Canada. The Manufacturers' title is far from over and without a successful Sergio Pérez, the Austrian team could well find itself in danger.

Despite the Mexican's extension, Christian Horner urges him to raise his level of play. “He will have to come back strong at Barcelona. Fortunately, Ferrari had a bad operation today and didn't score any points, which allowed us to get away with it, confided the Red Bull Team Principal. But we need both cars to score points. We got through it [Sunday], but we need Checo (Perez) returns to the level he was at at the start of the year from Barcelona. »

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Dorian Grangier

A young journalist nostalgic for the motorsport of yesteryear. Raised on the exploits of Sébastien Loeb and Fernando Alonso.

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

11/06/2024 at 02:17 a.m.

TexMex or the contribution of big sponsors (thank you Carlos Slim, the richest man in Latin America!) and above all very juicy merchandising in Mexico and South America for Red Bull, ouarff... while all the everyone thought that his extension was linked to his performance at the wheel!!

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