Piastri didn't understand why his Q3 lap was canceled

In Q3, Oscar Piastri saw his final time canceled for going off the track at turn 6. A decision that the Australian absolutely did not accept.

Published on 30/06/2024 à 11:30

Yannis Duval

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Piastri didn't understand why his Q3 lap was canceled

Oscar Piastri will start 7th on the grid. ©DPPI

A millimeter can make all the difference in Formula 1. And for a millimeter,  Oscar piastri went from 3rd place on the starting grid to 7th. Indeed, the Australian had set a nice 1'04″786 at the end of the session but it was canceled due to an alleged off-track exit at turn 6.

In a mixed zone, the pilot McLaren let out all his frustration, feeling that his turn had been unfairly refused. In past years, the Red Bull Ring was subject to much controversy over track limits and to remedy this, gravel traps were put in the most "problematic" corners. The solution then seemed to be there.

According to Oscar Piastri, the various changes made to the circuit this year were aimed at preventing drivers from gaining an advantage by exceeding the limits of the track. " It's embarassing. The FIA ​​did a great job putting gravel on the outside of every corner in Austria, measured precisely to prevent the corners from extending... So why are we still being monitored and having our laps removed? Weren't the gravel traps put there to replace the removal of the towers? ", he declared on Sky Sports following qualifying.

The new gravel trap in the last bend. ©DPPI

At the end of the session, McLaren contested the qualifying result with the stewards. A protest rejected by the race management which considers that it was inadmissible. In its appeal, McLaren did not specify which regulation was at the center of their protest nor did it specify who was protesting.

The damage is done, Oscar Piastri will indeed start from 7th place on the grid. " It's painful, sighs the Australian. We've done a good job at all the other corners where the track limits have been removed, but we still have a corner like that where you can't be in the gravel but still outside the track limits. Obviously, I'm the only one to have done it in Q3, so it's frustrating. »

What can we expect from the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix? A new edition marked by numerous penalties for leaving the track or, finally, a little more flexibility on the part of the race management?

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