Pirelli presents its conclusions after Spa

The Belgian Grand Prix was marked by the tire explosions of Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel. The Italian manufacturer released its conclusions which satisfied the FIA.

Published on 03/09/2015 à 15:09

Pierre Tassel

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Pirelli presents its conclusions after Spa

Nico Rosberg's tire explosions in free practice and especially by Sebastian Vettel at the very end of the race last month at Spa in Belgium, were followed by the start of a clash by statements interposed between the Ferrari driver and the manufacturer Pirelli.

On the eve of the first free tests in Monza in Italy, home of Pirelli, the Milanese firm released its conclusions after the investigations carried out indicating that the exceptional failures were linked to the combination between the prolonged use of the tires and the presence of debris on Track.

“The tests carried out by Pirelli on the tires used at Spa confirmed the absence of structural problems. Pirelli undertook an in-depth analysis of the materials and manufacturing processes used, using two different testing and monitoring methods.

Spa events can therefore be linked to external factors, linked to the prolonged use of tires on one of the most demanding tracks in the championship. Un total of 63 cuts were found in the tread of Formula One tires used during the Spa weekend, after numerous incidents which took place during the support races before the Grand Prix. In the previous fifteen events (ten races and five practice sessions) an average of only 1,2 cuts per event were noted.

If even a small piece of debris penetrates and cuts the various structural parts of a tire (subject to high speed use and more sensitive if used over an extended period) without penetrating the structure itself, it can cause a failure which is different from that found in the case of a normal puncture, which is characterized by a loss of tire pressure. This is the type of event seen on the tire of Sebastian Vettel in Spa. » Pirelli also recalls that damage occurred to Nico Rosberg's tire before his incident.

The manufacturer also indicated that it wanted to propose, in collaboration with the FIA, a study in order to clean the tracks more effectively. The International Federation which also published a press release where it indicates “to be satisfied with the thoroughness of the investigation and the conclusions” and that it is ready to consider any safety recommendations issued by Pirelli for the end of the season.

We also learn that « the remaining tread thickness on Sebastian Vettel's tire was 30%, making the tire more susceptible to damage from debris. »

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