For Stroll, his collision with Ricciardo was “a racing incident”

For the Stroll-Ricciardo collision, the Canadian was found guilty and received a 10-second penalty. A sanction that he cannot digest.

Published on 22/04/2024 à 16:12

Yannis Duval

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For Stroll, his collision with Ricciardo was “a racing incident”

Close to the points before the incident, Lance Stroll ultimately finished the Grand Prix 15th. ©DPPI

The maneuver Lance stroll when the race restarted, on the 26th lap of the Chinese Grand Prix, particularly animated social networks. The Canadian went to crash into the car of Daniel Ricciardo, at the start of turn 14. Diffuser seriously damaged for the Racing Bulls driver who was forced to retire in the following laps. A ruined race also for Stroll who was nevertheless in a good position to grab a few points again.

In the midst of a storm for some time, the Montreal native is making his case even worse with such a maneuver. Plagued by sporting difficulties, in addition to his recurring careless errors, Lance Stroll is increasingly proving right to observers who are calling for his departure from the Formula 1.

Already in Jeddah this season, the pilot Aston Martin was noticed for a clumsy exit from the track in the first laps of the race. In addition to this stupidity, his attitude in the mixed zone had annoyed more than one.

Again in China where Stroll causes a new incident and appears particularly nonchalant in front of the media.“I don’t understand the penalty. It was just a racing incident, with an accordion effect, he judges. I guess it was because I hit the guy in front of me that I got the penalty, but I think someone caused it in front of him. Someone braked, it’s weird.” The Canadian, however, wanted to add that this race was “fun” despite the incident.

Ricciardo very angry

Although he did not have a great race, Lance Stroll nevertheless achieved a feat this weekend, that of annoying Daniel Ricciardo: “ I try my best not to say what I want to say, but fuck this guy (sic), launched the person concerned. I'm nice too! ».

And this reaction from the Australian is not due to the incident itself; everyone can make mistakes and Ricciardo understands this perfectly. What he blames him for is rather his reaction, on the radio but also after the race. “He said it was my fault ?! I had started to calm down but now it's getting on my nerves. It really annoys me. », breathes Honey Badger.

So, yes, like any good driver, it seems logical that Lance Stroll contests his penalty, it is part of the game, the role of a driver. However, blaming a comrade who was only a victim in this story is not really very classy. This season, the Aston Martin driver gives the impression of having completely dropped out of the world of Formula 1, as if driving no longer interested him…

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

23/04/2024 at 01:27 a.m.

So what is the only permanent contract still on the grid doing when he is above all a real intermittent worker in the show business!

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