Asked to let Pierre Gasly pass, Esteban Ocon tackles Alpine

Esteban Ocon was uplifted when debriefing the race in Canada whileAlpine asked him to leave his 9th place to Pierre Gasly.

Published on 09/06/2024 à 23:11

Gonzalo Forbes

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Asked to let Pierre Gasly pass, Esteban Ocon tackles Alpine


This Canadian Grand Prix could ignite the powder a little more at Alpine. While the situation is not easy to manage given all the events experienced since the start of the season, the A arrow will have another file to manage before returning to Europe: that of a Esteban Ocon angry.

Author of a very good race completed at 10e place as he left 18e, thanks in particular to an offbeat strategy, the Habs have long claimed the 9e position. However, an instruction from the pit wall forced him to let his teammate pass Pierre Gasly in order to try to steal the 8e place to Daniel Ricciardo in the last laps. A request far from pleasing the person concerned, visibly very upset when taking stock.

« We should have done 9e end, pointed out Esteban Ocon at the microphone of Canal+. I played my part in respecting team instructions, as I always have. Unfortunately, we see the trend that will continue until the end of the year. It's not correct. I did my job, not the team. It's sad that this race ended like this. Bitter ? The end yes, clearly. I'm doing a race where I start last, I take all the necessary risks, I have to finish 9th and score 2 points. I'm happy that we scored points as a team, but we would have scored just as many if I didn't let Pierre pass at the end. I don't know where the call is coming from (not to change position), but I did my part of the job, that’s the most important thing. We will discuss the rest internally as usual.."

“It’s the team result that counts,” replies Famin

This is an outing that could further inflame the internal situation ofAlpine, already very tense, especially after the Monaco incident and everything that happened afterwards. In the Montreal paddock, Bruno Famin quickly spoke up to clarify things.

Quite understanding regarding the statements of its driver, the main team ofAlpine wanted to point out that Esteban Ocon encountered problems at the end of the race which forced the team to follow this instruction, prioritizing above all the collective result.

« He had a little hot reaction which is normal., he also replied to Canal+. I understand, with the adrenaline of the race... You have to be positive. It's our first double entry in the points of the year, we started far on the grid. The team managed the race extremely well at all levels, whether it was strategy, engineers, mechanics… We had a small problem on the grid with Esteban's car and they managed to resolve it. The stops were good, everything was good. We managed it very well and the drivers did a great job. It’s the team result that counts.

I'm sure that the small adrenaline lapses will calm down very quickly, I have no worries about that. I am very happy with the work done by the drivers, both Esteban and Pierre. We put them in somewhat complicated positions, passing the slick tires first with Pierre, not stopping under the first Safety Car with Esteban. They managed everything like the team and that's what I remember today (SATURDAY).

Pierre went ahead because there was a small problem with energy management. It wasn't a technical problem but Esteban was using his electrical energy a lot. We saw that he slowed everyone down a little. We were at the mercy of Haas who were coming back and we couldn't attack Ricciardo when Pierre didn't have this [breakdown] Management. The idea was therefore to go for the 8e Ricciardo Square. We asked to exchange positions a little before and there was a slight delay. Honestly, it's not too important. What matters is the team's results."

Bruno Famin may have delivered a unifying speech, but it is still difficult to believe that things will calm down in the ranks ofAlpine where the temperature continues to rise week after week.

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Gonzalo Forbes

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10/06/2024 at 01:56 a.m.

“I played my part in respecting team instructions, as I always have done.” Is it only me who is concerned by these comments? Pronounced live on TV, Ocon (I think) is not in a position where he can lie in front of the cameras, so in Monaco the clash seen and seen again this weekend, (and yes Gasly could let go) would not have not caused by non-compliance with any instructions, so therefore, who is lying at Alpine, Famin, Gasly, Ocon???


10/06/2024 at 01:48 a.m.

@Thierry & Yves-henri: Before commenting, always negatively! Are you aware of B. Famin's explanations?!

Yves-Henri RANDIER

10/06/2024 at 10:06 a.m.

Bis repeata... like the end of Alonso's season at Alpine as soon as he announced his departure from Aston Martin


Yves-Henri RANDIER

10/06/2024 at 10:05 a.m.

In any case, Ocon will no longer be there in 2025 and if Alpine had a small chance of grabbing a few extra points with Gasly, we had to try!!



Thierry Pingret

10/06/2024 at 12:21 a.m.

Famine and Alpine the height of incompetence


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