Russell on pole, Ferraris eliminated in Q2: relive qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix with live commentary

Relive qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix, ninth round of the 2024 Formula 1 season, with live commentary.

Published on 08/06/2024 à 21:45

Dorian Grangier

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Russell on pole, Ferraris eliminated in Q2: relive qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix with live commentary

© Florent Gooden / DPPI

La Formula 1 leaves Europe for a week, heading to North America for the Canadian Grand Prix, ninth round of the 2024 season. Montreal is hosting this year the 53rd Canadian GP, ​​the 43rd on the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit on Notre-Dame Island since its introduction to the calendar in 1978. An almost uninterrupted presence since then, with the exception of the 1987, 2009 and 2020-2021 seasons (because of the Covid-19 pandemic).

> You can follow the live evolution of the ranking via the official F1 Live Timing, available here.

Canadian GP
Follow the qualifications live with commentary

Q3 – 🏁 Incredible qualifying session! George Russell signs the second pole position of his career after the Hungarian GP in 2022! Note the superb 5th place of Daniel Riccardo!


Q3 – 2:30 – Norris moved up to 2nd place, 21 thousandths behind Russell.

Q3 – 3:00 – Oscar piastri signs the 2nd time in 1'12″103, it is still missing compared to the Mercedes by George Russell.

Q3 – 4:00 – 🔢 The last pole position for a Mercedes dates back to the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Q3 – 5:30 – 🔎 After the first pass, here is the current status of the ranking!

Q3 – 6:30 – ⏱️ And they take the lead with George Russell's best time in 1'12″000, ahead of Lewis Hamilton! Amazing !

Q3 – 7:30 – The Mercedes drivers, at the head of Q2, set off with worn tires…

Q3 – 9:00 – ⏱️ Max Verstappen signs the first reference time in 1'12"358 ahead of Oscar Piastri and Fernando Alonso.

Q3 – 11:00 – ☁️ The rain does not seem to intensify, the track remains dry.

Q3 – 12:00 – 🟢 This Q3 has just been launched and it looks completely crazy! 

Q2 – 🏁 We therefore find a Williams, that ofAlexander albon, in Q3! And the two Racing Bulls too! 

Q2 – 🏁 Incredible scenario in Montreal with the elimination of both Ferrari, who can't make it this weekend! Charles Leclerc remained on a series of 22 qualifications in Q3, his last elimination in Q2 dates back... to Canada, last year!

Q2 – 🏁 Q2 ends with a Mercedes double, Russell ahead of Hamilton! And the two Ferraris are eliminated! Amazing ! Sargeant, Magnussen and Gasly also fall by the wayside.

Q2 – 1:00 – Charles Leclerc improves but is only 9th, the Monegasque is in danger!

Q2 – 2:00 – ⏱️ The times improve again on this last waltz: Lando Norris signs a 1'12″201 and takes the lead.

Q2 – 3:30 – ⚠️ Big scare for George Russell at turn 4! The Briton lost the rear of his Mercedes before narrowly catching it!

Q2 – 5:00 – ⚠️ Five minutes from time, the threatened drivers are tsunoda, Stroll, Sargeant, Albon and Gasly.

Q2 – 6:00 – Max Verstappen improves… but only moves up to 9th place, six tenths behind Russell!

Q2 – 7:30 – Max Verstappen does not hide his frustration on his radio, embarrassed by George Russell in front of him. The Dutchman is only 11th!

Q2 – 9:00 – ⏱️ Best time for George Russell in 1'12″323, while Lewis Hamilton moved up to 3rd place.

Q2 – 10:00 – Fernando Alonso climbs to 2nd place ahead Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen.

Q2 – 11:30 – ⏱️ Lewis Hamilton sets the first reference time in 1'13"104... and is beaten by Oscar Piastri in 1'12"462!

Q2 – 13:00 p.m. – 🔎 Obviously, everyone is rushing to the track... with the exception of Charles Leclerc and Fernando Alonso, who are taking their time in the pits!

Q2 – 14:00 p.m. – 🌧️ Spectators put on their panchos, a sign that the rain is seriously starting to fall!

Q2 – 15:00 – 🟢 Here we go for Q2 with an ever more threatening sky!

Q1 – 🏁 Note the fine 9th place of Logan Sargeant, who qualified in Q2 for the first time this season! Alone Guanyu-Zhou has never crossed the threshold of Q1 in 2024…

Q1 – 🏁 Sergio Pérez is therefore eliminated for the second consecutive time in Q1 after Monaco! Not the best way to celebrate your contract extension…

Q1 – 🏁 It's over for this Q1 with Max Verstappen's best time in 1'12″360, ahead of Yuki Tsunoda! Sergio Pérez is eliminated in Q1 despite an improvement! Bottas, Or with, Hulkenberg and Zhou also fall by the wayside!

Q1 – 1:00 – ⏱️ Lewis Hamilton takes the lead again with a time of 1'12″851! George Russell climbs to 3rd place.

Q1 – 2:00 – ⏱️ Lando Norris takes the best time in 1'12″959! Behind, Sergio Pérez returns to the track, he is 19th!

Q1 – 3:00 – ⏱️ The Aston Martin went back to the top of the rankings with Stroll's best time in 1'13″088.

Q1 – 4:00 p.m. – 🔎 Sergio Pérez returns to the pits while he is still in 17th place! Can the Mexican be eliminated in Q1 for the second time in a row?

Q1 – 6:00 – Small contact for Stroll with the Wall of Champions, without consequences for the Canadian.

Q1 – 7:00 – Lewis Hamilton escapes from this zone by setting the 3rd time. George Russell set the best time in 1'13″242.

Q1 – 8:00 – ⚠️ 8 minutes from the checkerboard, Hamilton, Pérez, Gasly, Ocon and Zhou are in the red zone.

Q1 – 9:30 – ⏱️ It was Max Verstappen's turn to take the best time in 1'13″368, ahead of Norris and the two Aston Martins.

Q1 – 11:00 – ⏱️ New best time for Lando Norris in 1’13″541! The track is improving very, very quickly!

Q1 – 12:00 – ⏱️ On a fast second lap, George Russell took the best time in 1'14"012 ahead of Oscar Piastri and the two Aston Martins.

Q1 – 12:30 – Small error from Sainz at the first corner! The Spaniard goes offshore and will have to do a second preparation round.

Q1 – 13:30 – ⏱️ It was beaten by Lando Norris in 1'14″585, ahead of both Red Bull.

Q1 – 14:30 – First reference time for Max Verstappen in 1'15″194, while the Mercedes and Ferraris are barely leaving the stands!

Q1 – 17:00 – 🌧️ And it is reported on Lando Norris' radio that the first drops of rain are falling in the pit lane!

Q1 – 18:00 p.m. – 🟢 The light turns green at the end of the pits, let's go for Q1!

21h – 🔎 F1 announces that the risk of rain for qualifying is 80%. Rain could arrive during Q2.

21h – ⛅️ For the moment, the sun manages to pierce the clouds in Montreal, but in the distance, the sky is more threatening…

21h – ⚠️ The main trap of this Gilles-Villeneuve circuit is this famous last chicane with, at the exit, the cruel Wall of Champions! Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon went to kiss the wall earlier during FP3.

21h – ☁️ Obviously, all eyes will be on the sky during qualifying, since the clouds are threatening above Montreal! It rained a few minutes ago, but the track has already had time to dry since then. It's 20°C in the air.

21h – 🚨 And we just learned it only a few minutes ago: Yuki Tsunoda has extended his contract for another year and will remain a Racing Bulls driver in 2025!

21h – 🔎 If you missed Free Practice 3 earlier today, don't panic: here is the summary of the session with Lewis Hamilton who seems to be in good shape in Canada!

Canada – EL3: Sunshine (finally!), Lewis Hamilton… and the others!

21h – 👋 Good evening and welcome to AUTOhebdo to experience qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix, ninth round of the 2024 Formula 1 season! The green light for Q1 will be given in a few minutes, at 22 p.m.!

© Florent Gooden / DPPI

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