Replaced by Doohan during EL1, Ocon persists and shows that it is not a punishment

Esteban Ocon took the time to clarify things regarding the tenure of Jack Doohan for the first tests in Canada.

Published on 07/06/2024 à 12:12

Gonzalo Forbes

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Replaced by Doohan during EL1, Ocon persists and shows that it is not a punishment

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By setting foot in the paddock of the Gilles Villeneuve circuit for the first time this week, Esteban Ocon was aware that it was going to be one of the big attractions. And he wasn't wrong.

At the center of attention since the incident with Pierre Gasly in Monaco two weeks ago and his non-renewal to Alpine at the end of the season, the Norman saw a new subject gain momentum this week: his replacement by Jack Doohan during EL1 of the Canadian Grand Prix this Friday (19:30 p.m.).

It was enough for the theory of punishment from Arrow to spread on social networks. While the rumor of a suspension in Montreal has animated the web in recent days, some have estimated thatAlpine wanted to warn his driver for the future by sending the Australian onto the track rather than him during the first tests this Friday.

« I have seen several things that Jack was given tenure as punishment or things like that but that is not the case, assured Esteban Ocon from Sky Sports F1. We decided it was the right time, with my penalty (5 places for his incident with Pierre Gasly). The track will be very clean (Friday) at the start of the day and in any case I was going to have to give up my place for an FP1 this year. So that's what we did here and hopefully Jack can give the team some good feedback for the rest of the weekend."

“We talked for several months”

Esteban Ocon also took the opportunity to discuss the non-extension of his contract within the French team. Arrived in 2020 when it was still called Renault, the native of Évreux will not be retained by the Blues at the end of the current financial year. Here too some wanted to see a connection with the Monaco accident but the Norman calmed everyone down.

« A group like Renault does not make decisions like this on isolated moments like this, points out the person concerned. This is an important issue that we have discussed for several months and together we have decided not to continue. It's no secret that we spoke with Alpine and several other teams.

I spent five years with this team, accomplishing great things and experiencing more difficult times. But I am proud of what I have achieved with this team and it is time for me to take on other challenges, exciting challenges. It really was the right time to end our relationship."

Now, the Habs must turn to the transfer market. In the last news, the Haas track seemed to be gaining momentum but others like those of Williams or Audi-Sauber also appear as options. To be continued…

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Gonzalo Forbes

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

07/06/2024 at 01:42 a.m.

With the penalty which is likely to result in a lack of points during the GP, you might as well tick the Rookie Tests box as soon as possible even if some will see it as a sanction following the Monegasque episode


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