Rosberg on Hamilton's departure for Ferrari: "Why not experience it in red?" »

Former teammate of Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, Nico Rosberg has given his opinion on the Englishman's choice to join Ferrari. A decision that he almost compares to that of leaving McLaren for Étoile in 2013.

Published on 26/04/2024 à 10:04

Gonzalo Forbes

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Rosberg on Hamilton's departure for Ferrari: "Why not experience it in red?" »

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Such a transfer cannot escape a barrage of comments. And this even more than two months after the officialization. Still, the announcement of the departure of Lewis Hamilton for Ferrari from 2025 is still being talked about. Since February, many people have spoken out about this transfer, which some describe as the one “of the century”.

Among them, former pilots likeAlain Prost who said " be able to understand the decision » of the seven-time world champion. To this list has been added someone who knows Sir Lewis quite well, having worked with him over the years karting before becoming his teammate at Mercedes during four campaigns: Nico Rosberg.

Rosberg taken by surprise by the announcement

Retired since 2016 and obtaining his world crown, the German nevertheless remains active in the paddock. A consultant for British television, Keke's son spoke about his former rival's decision, which he compared to the one he had to make in 2012 when he decided to leave Woking and McLaren to head to Brackley to join Mercedes in 2013. A gamble that some considered daring at the time but which ultimately paid off.

« It came as a huge surprise, no one expected it, I didn't expect it either, recognizes Nico Rosberg from Sky Sports F1, of which he is a consultant. But if you look a little deeper, then why not? These are two legendary teams, Mercedes and Ferrari.

I know Lewis has always been a big fan of road-going Ferraris, so why not make that change and have a different experience driving in red? He will thus be able to tick both boxes, he will have driven for the two most legendary teams."

A choice therefore driven by the heart of Lewis Hamilton but also by the quest for one last real sporting challenge before hanging up the suit when the Englishman will celebrate his 40th birthday next January.

« Besides, this also seems to be the right decision for him in terms of performance at the moment, continues Nico Rosberg. He may make a big splash like the time 12 years ago when he moved from McLaren to Mercedes.

McLaren was winning races, Mercedes was nowhere, and as soon as he changed, McLaren went backwards and Mercedes started winning races. Maybe he can pull off the same shot... Anyway, it's the same timing again. »Only the future will tell us if Lewis Hamilton was right to leave the house that allowed him to win 6 world titles to live his dream of being a Ferrari driver one day.

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