Sainz hails Ferrari's progress in strategy thanks to new car

For Carlos Sainz there is no doubt, the good development of the SF-24 has allowed Ferrari to improve in strategy.

Published on 15/04/2024 à 18:11

Gonzalo Forbes

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Sainz hails Ferrari's progress in strategy thanks to new car

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Constantly progressing, Ferrari went through a phase where it was often the target of mockery, particularly on social networks. The kings of memes did not hesitate to have fun with the many blunders of the Team, mainly at the strategy level.

It must be said that recent years have not been a cakewalk when it comes to designing strategic plans. In the race, on several occasions, the mechanics made mistakes during pit stops or the engineers did not make the best decisions, compromising the Grands Prix of Charles Leclerc et Carlos Sainz.

But since the arrival at the helm of General Vasseur at the beginning of 2023, a new wind is blowing in Marenello and errors no longer occur, or rarely. Internally, the main French team has made things happen and Ferrari is now moving forward better, in the right direction. Both on the development and on the strategic level. Indeed, the Reds no longer seem crumbly lately.

The Japanese Grand Prix ten days ago is the perfect illustration of this. On a shifted strategy and different positions on the grid, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc managed to collect the best possible for the Scuderia, namely the 3e and 4e places behind the Red Bull. Operationally, everything went perfectly. A detail which did not escape the Spaniard, aware that this is mainly explained by the good design of the latest addition to the Maranello workshops.

Ferrari on the right track

« Over the past three years, we have made progress in terms of strategy, gradually, notes Carlos Sainz. If we see this leap forward this year, it is purely due to the car. Having one that allows you to be flexible on strategy is something we couldn't have last year."

Among the positive points, the Madrilenian recognizes that Ferrari is more freed from the constraints of last year such as having to stop for a very specific lap, not being able to extend stints, or the strong degradation which worked in favor of competition.

« We just couldn't be flexible and so we couldn't do anythingHe says. Most of the time it seemed like we didn't have the right strategy.

But when you have a better car in terms of tires, two drivers who can push more often and you have that extra flexibility, your strategy seems better too. I do not underestimate the (others) progress that we've made, I just think it really helps us a lot. » See you in China for on-track confirmation!

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