Sebastian Vettel would like more mechanical grip

Asked yesterday after the Brazilian Grand Prix about the difficulties of following and overtaking a single-seater, Sebastian Vettel gave some food for thought.

Published on 16/11/2015 à 11:32

Pierre Tassel

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Sebastian Vettel would like more mechanical grip

Si Sebastian Vettel had a rather calm race yesterday in Brazil, relegated a good distance from the Mercedes de Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, and little threatened by his teammate Kimi Räikkönen, the German driver of the Team Ferrari has nevertheless given its opinion on the question of overtaking.

“I think in general what we need to follow another car at medium or high speed, or in slow corners, it's more mechanical grip. How to do this? I think we need better tires that allow us to go faster. Drivers want to be faster.

So, I think the solution is very simple. Unfortunately, sport is very political with different interests. I think it's right to give the tire manufacturer, here Pirelli, the opportunity to improve their tires. But since the responsible people, the teams, cannot agree on something, it will be difficult to make progress. »

Sebastian Vettel was unable to prevent Nico Rosberg from securing second place in the Drivers' Championship after his Brazilian victory, but remained satisfied with his race. “I think it was a good test for us, even if we were in a bit of a no man's land. We were closer than at several Grands Prix before in terms of race pace, so I think it's a good effort, and it shows our true level now. »

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