Sergio Pérez exhausted after another ordeal at Silverstone: “I need a break”

The torment is endless for Sergio Pérez. The Mexican finished in a humiliating 17th place which ended a British weekend to forget...

Published on 07/07/2024 à 19:05

Yannis Duval

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Sergio Pérez exhausted after another ordeal at Silverstone: “I need a break”

Perez again at the stop. ©DPPI

Sergio Pérez continues his descent into hell. After experiencing an off-track on Saturday in Q1, which forced him to retire and thus start at the back of the grid, the Mexican experienced a disastrous Grand Prix, finishing in 17th place, two laps behind the leaders...

By starting from so far away, Pérez had to take big risks in terms of strategy to hope to get back into the points. Tire choices which did not pay off and which, on the contrary, pushed the driver even further Red Bull in the bottom of the ranking. 11 points in five races, the alarm bells can be sounded…

The reaction of Sergio Pérez, 17th in the British Grand Prix: “We played at the start of the race and unfortunately we didn't have what we needed today. We played on the intermediates by putting them in very early, but it was too early... I lost a lot of ground, positions, I was overtaken by the leaders... It didn't stop. It was very difficult to manage the race this way. It's been a very difficult period (the sequence of three race weekends, Editor's note), so I need a break, to look at what happened, to get back in shape for the next one. race. »

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

08/07/2024 at 11:21 a.m.

Having tried the Inters too early, wasn't that in team logic a way of giving the information to Max Verstappen that it was not the right choice?




07/07/2024 at 08:06 a.m.

Sergio will be entitled to weeks, months, even years of 'break'! ! ! . . . Now for Carlos Sainz! ! !


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