Relive the Austrian Grand Prix Sprint race with live commentary

Relive the Sprint race of the Austrian Grand Prix, eleventh round of the 2024 Formula 1 season, with live commentary.

Published on 29/06/2024 à 11:45

Dorian Grangier

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Relive the Austrian Grand Prix Sprint race with live commentary

© Florent Gooden / DPPI

After Spain, it's time for the second stage of this summer triple-header with the Austrian GP! THE Red Bull Ring hosts the eleventh round of the 2024 season of F1, but also the third Sprint of the year. Max Verstappen starts from pole position in front Lando Norris for this first race of the weekend!

> You can follow the live evolution of the ranking via the official F1 Live Timing, available here.

Austrian GP
Follow the Sprint live with commentary

23/23 – 👋 Thank you for following us, and see you at 16 p.m. for qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix!

23/23 – 🏁 VICTORY FOR MAX VERSTAPPEN ON THIS SPRINT OF THE AUSTRIAN GRAND PRIX! The Dutchman wins his 10th Sprint since 2021, his 3rd this season, ahead of both McLaren byOscar piastri and Lando Norris!

22/23 – 🆙 Ah, two overruns in one! Nico Hulkenberg et Daniel Ricciardo take the best of Fernando Alonso for 14th and 15th places!

21/23 – Three laps remain and Max Verstappen flies to a 10th Sprint race victory since their introduction in 2021!

20/23 - Carlos Sainz, 5th, lost the DRS and now finds himself under threat of Lewis Hamilton behind him.

18/23 – Norris still cannot find the opening on Piastri, and McLaren remains silent on the pit wall. Up front, Verstappen now has a 3″3 lead over the Australian.

16/23 – The Briton has made the connection, but has not managed to appear very threatening for the moment... behind, Russell is leading a small train in front of Sainz and Hamilton.

14/23 – Lando Norris returned to his teammate’s DRS zone, and will try to regain his second place.

12/23 - Lance stroll and both Alpine are stuck behind Kevin Magnussen, currently 9th and already far from Sergio Pérez for 8th place, synonymous with a point.

11/23 – 🔎 Here is the ranking as we approach the halfway mark.

11/23 – That's it, Piastri is no longer in Verstappen's DRS zone and is falling behind the Dutchman.

10/23 – 📺 The incredible fight between Verstappen and the two McLarens to relive in replay right here!

9/23 – Lando Norris is no longer in his teammate's DRS zone, only Oscar Piastri can keep up with Max Verstappen.

8/23 – 🆙 And it goes for George Russell over Carlos Sainz, the Briton moves up to 4th place.

8/23 – The gap stabilizes at the top, with Oscar Piastri less threatening than his teammate on Max Verstappen. Behind, we battle for 4th place between Sainz, Russell and Hamilton.

6/23 – Best personal time for Verstappen who tries to escape in front of Piastri, but the Australian remains under second.

5/23 – 🆙 Norris attacks at the 3rd corner, passes... but Verstappen regains the advantage at the 4th corner! Piastri takes advantage and overtakes his teammate! What a battle!

4/23 – 📺 Relive the start of this Sprint race with the fight between Verstappen and the McLarens.

3/23 – Lando Norris attacks, but Max Verstappen manages to stay in front! Oscar Piastri is in ambush, ahead of Carlos Sainz and George Russell.

2/23 – DRS is now available, and Lando Norris remains under second behind Max Verstappen.

1/23 – 📈 Very good start for Leclerc, already 7th ahead of Pérez! The Alpine, on the other hand, fell to 10th and 12th.

1/23 – 🟢 Let's go for this third Sprint of the year on the Red Bull Ring! Max Verstappen remains in the lead ahead of Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri!

1/23 – 🔎 With this second training lap, there will only be 23 laps for this Sprint, instead of 24.

12h - 🟠 Aborted departure! A problem prevents the start of this Sprint race, a second training lap is launched. Photographers were positioned incorrectly at the first turn, hence the aborted start.

12h – 🟢 Let's go for the training tour! All the drivers start on broken-in medium tires for this 24-lap Sprint!

11h – 🔢 We are going to experience the 15th Sprint race in the history of F1. Since their introduction in 2021, Max Verstappen has won… nine! A 10th victory in sight this Saturday?

11h – 💬 Both Alpine leave once again in the Top 10, with Esteban Ocon 8th and Pierre Gasly 9th. Can the A arrow pick up some points this Saturday?

11h – 🔎 The big news on the Red Bull Ring this year is the appearance of small gravel traps outside the last two turns to dissuade drivers from going too far… and thus avoid going too far numerous penalties for non-compliance with track limits.


11h – ☀️ The sun is out and the weather is glorious this Saturday morning at the Red Bull Ring! Ideal weather for the race, with a temperature of 28°C in the air and 43°C on the track.

11h – 🔎 As a reminder, only the Top 8 scores points during the Sprint race. The one who will have the most work this Saturday is Charles Leclerc, only 10th on the grid after a big mess in SQ3 yesterday…

Why couldn't Charles Leclerc take a lap in SQ3?

11h – 🔎 Here is the starting grid for this Sprint race in Austria, with Max Verstappen in pole position ahead of Lando Norris! Note thatAlexander albon will start from the stands following modifications to its car under Parc Fermé.

11h – 👋 Hello everyone ! Welcome to this live commentary to follow together the Sprint race of the Austrian Grand Prix, the third Sprint of the 2024 Formula 1 season. The start will be given in a few minutes, at noon!

© Antonin Vincent / DPPI

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