Hamilton regains victory! Relive the British Grand Prix with live commentary

Follow the British Grand Prix, twelfth round of the 2024 Formula 1 season, with live commentary.

Published on 07/07/2024 à 15:40

Yannis Duval

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Hamilton regains victory! Relive the British Grand Prix with live commentary


Will we see a Briton triumph on his land? With George Russell on pole, Lewis Hamilton 2th and Lando Norris 3rd, chances of hearing God Save The King on the podium at the end of the Grand Prix are important. However, pay attention to the weather which could well offer us a race with twists and turns and completely change the cards!

> You can follow the live evolution of the ranking via the official F1 Live Timing, available here.

British GP
Follow the Grand Prix live with commentary

🏁 This is the end of this live commentary, thank you all for following us. See you in two weeks for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

52/52 – 🏁 The final ranking of this British Grand Prix! 104th career victory for Lewis Hamilton! Max Verstappen and Lando Norris complete the podium. Piastres 4th, Sainz 5th and an extraordinary Hulkenberg is in 6th place!

52/52 – 🏁 Lewis Hamilton's tears on the radio... How beautiful!

52/52 – 🏁 LEWIS HAMILTON VICTORY IN GREAT BRITAIN!!!! The Briton puts an end to a series of 57 Grands Prix without success! The stands are on fire! 


51 / 52 - It smells good for Hamilton, the gap has stabilized!

49 / 52 - Lewis Hamilton heading to victory! Three seconds ahead of Max Verstappen.

48 / 52 - Max Verstappen takes the lead over Lando Norris just before the Stowe corner!

47 / 52 - Verstappen now has DRS on Norris! The end of the race is going to be tense...

46 / 52 - Norris dropped Hamilton. He will have to concentrate on Verstappen from now on since the Red Bull of the world champion is only 1″3 away.

45 / 52 - The gap is closing, only two seconds separate Hamilton from Norris. Verstappen is not far behind, also two seconds behind the McLaren.

43 / 52 - Lewis Hamilton is 2″6 seconds ahead of Lando Norris. He is 10 rounds away from incredible success.

42 / 52 - ⏱️ Best lap for Max Verstappen who comes back at full speed on Lando Norris!

40 / 52 - Norris stopped a lap later and it was one lap too many! Hamilton regains the lead of the race!

39 / 52 - ⚠️ Hamilton, Piastri and Verstappen also wear slick tires! The Dutchman is on hard tires.

38 / 52 - Magnussen et Ricciardo are betting on stick gums!

37 / 52 - 🌤️ The sun is coming back! The track will be able to dry.

36 / 52 - This had to be said for Lewis Hamilton to get back to his compatriot at full speed! Only 1″6 left…

35 / 52 - Norris, still in the lead, calmly manages his lead. Just under three seconds ahead of Hamilton.

34 / 52 - ⚠️ Oh no! Technical problem for George Russell. The pole sitter must give up…

33 / 52 - The intermediate tires seem to deteriorate at high speed. Will the drivers switch back to slicks in the next few laps?

31 / 52 - The standings after the wave of pit stops. The good move from Verstappen and Sainz.

29 / 52 - 🛞 Everyone is on intermediate tires except Piastri… The Australian lost everything. He returned to the pits when Norris had already returned to his height.

28 / 52 - ⚠️ The Mercedes and Lando Norris return in turn. The double stop is perfectly managed by the Flèches d’Argent.

27 / 52 - ⚠️ Verstappen and Sainz return to the pits! While Piastri is very pressing on his teammate.

25 / 52 - 🌧️ As the trail started to dry, it looked like it was raining again. At the same time, Pérez takes a turn at the leaders…

23 / 52 - Intermediate tires were not the right choice. No pace for the three drivers… Esteban Ocon even went back to mediums.

22 / 52 - The current classification of this British Grand Prix.

21 / 52 - ⚠️ Leclerc, Pérez and Ocon have chosen intermediates while all the others remain on the track.

20 / 52 - Norris is wild! He takes the lead of the race while Piastri gets rid of Russell and Hamilton! The McLarens are on a different pace.

19 / 52 - And the Mercedes got in the way in the first sector which allowed Norris to take the advantage over Russell.

18 / 52 - 🌧️ Here we are, the rain is here and Hamilton attacks his teammate! And yes, the seven-time world champion takes the lead!

17 / 52 - 🌧️ We're starting to bring out the K-Ways in the stands! And it's Piastri's turn to take the advantage over Verstappen!

15 / 52 - Lando Norris recovers his 3rd place by overtaking Max Verstappen!

15 / 52 - Meanwhile, the Mercedes escape quietly. Lando Norris, for his part, is following up with Max Verstappen. A remake of the Austrian GP to come?

13 / 52 - Leclerc takes the advantage Stroll in the Stowe bend. The Monegasque is 7th.

13 / 52 - Guanyu-Zhou goes in to put... mediums?

11 / 52 - 🌥️ The sky is particularly threatening, the rain will arrive soon!

9 / 52 - Pérez is coming back little by little. The Mexican is 16th.

8 / 52 - ???? Pierre Gasly after its abandonment: “We suspect a problem with the gearbox. We need to analyze to see if it's the same problem as last time. A weekend to forget…”

6 / 52 - No overtaking since the start, everyone seems to be expecting a downpour...

5 / 52 - The ranking and the gaps after five laps of racing!

4 / 52 - We see the start of the Grand Prix again.

3 / 52 - 🌧️ Hamilton is informed that it should rain in 25 minutes!

2 / 52 - ⚠️ Premature retirement for Pierre Gasly, gearbox problem.

1 / 52 - Verstappen takes the advantage over Norris in the first corners! George Russell maintains the advantage of his pole position.

16h00 - ⚠️ A problem for Gasly who returns to the pit…

16h00 - 🟢 Let's go for the training tour. The drivers all start on stick tires, but watch out for showers...

15h57 - 💬 Christian Horner on the subject of Sergio Pérez at the microphone of Canal +: « He had a difficult qualification yesterday (19th), he knows the objectives, but I think everything will be fine for him…”

15h53 - 🛞 Here are the different strategies proposed by the manufacturer Pirelli. Only one stop planned on a dry track, but the rain could well come to the party... 

15h49 - 🔢 Here is the starting grid for this British Grand Prix!

15h44 -If you missed yesterday's qualifying, here's a summary of what to remember. George Russell starts on pole, followed by Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris. A British hat-trick in qualifying has not happened since the 1968 South African Grand Prix! 

Russell in pole position, British hat-trick at Silverstone!

15h40 - ???? Hello everyone, welcome to AUTOhebdo to experience the British Grand Prix live! The start of the twelfth round of the season will be given in a few minutes.

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