Follow the Spanish Grand Prix live with commentary

Follow the Spanish Grand Prix, tenth round of the 2024 Formula 1 season, with live commentary.

Published on 23/06/2024 à 14:40

Yannis Duval

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Follow the Spanish Grand Prix live with commentary


Was it Lando Norris was going to seek his second career success, at the Spanish Grand Prix? The Briton took pole position on the Barcelona circuit and is among the favorites of the day. Mercedes could also play spoilsport, starting from the second line. Alpine will also have a lot to gain (but also to lose) by starting 7th and 8th…

You can follow the live evolution of the ranking via the Official F1 Live Timing, available here.

Spanish GP 
Follow the Grand Prix live with commentary

That's the end of this live stream, thank you all for following us, we'll see you next week for the Austrian Grand Prix!


66/66 – 🏁 ???? « I don't care about the fastest lap, we should have won this race, well done to the team the car was incredible. » Lando Norris to his engineer at the end of the race.

66/66 – 🏁 And Sergio Pérez who overtook Pierre Gasly in the last lap...

66/66 - 🏁 VICTORY OF MAX STEPS IN CATALONIA!! The Dutchman wins ahead of Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton ! First podium of the season for the seven-time world champion.

65/66 – And Gasly who always manages to keep Pérez behind him. The Frenchman will most likely leave Spain with four more points!

64/66 – Leclerc is getting dangerously close to Rusell, he could attempt an attack on the Mercedes in the coming laps.

62/66 – The gaps seem to have stabilized at all levels. The result may no longer change.

60/66 - ⚠️Alex Albon went into the gravel trap. He was finally able to get out of this bad situation. 

58/66 – Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon are still in the points. The first is 8th and the second 10th.

56/66 – We are 10 laps from the finish. The gap between Norris and Verstappen has stabilized, they are separated by just over five seconds.

55/66 - Charles Leclerc takes advantage of Carlos Sainz. The Monegasque is 5th.

54/66 - Alonso exceeds Guanyu Zhu for the gain of 12th position. A Grand Prix to forget for the Bull of Asturias…

52/66 – Lewis Hamilton passes his teammate at the first corner and provisionally climbs onto the podium.

52/66 -  ⚠️ Yuki tsunoda receives a five-second penalty for excessive speed in the pit lane. He goes from 20th to… 20th. 

50/66 – Best lap for Lando Norris who gives everything to catch Max Verstappen. Are we going to relive the last laps of Imola?

49/66 – We take a look at the rankings.

47/66 – Norris is coming back! 3″6 for the stop is very long! Verstappen comes out far in front.

45/66 - ???? 2.8 stop at Red Bull for Max Verstappen. “He stopped, now is our chance” Norris's engineer motivates his pilot!

44/66 – Norris is the fastest on the track, by far! He is now only four seconds behind Verstappen. At the same time, Hamilton reissued software for the twenty remaining laps. Heading for the podium for the Briton?

43/66 - 💬 George Russell really doesn't feel comfortable on the white wall tires. 

41/66 – The two pilots Alpine came back to wear tough shoes. They are 9th and 12th.

40/66 – And Norris is getting closer to Verstappen! He was nine seconds behind on lap 35, he is now 7 seconds behind the Dutchman.

38/66 – Russell gets rid of Gasly, he is 6th, with one more save than everyone.

37/66 – Second stop for Russell and Sainz. We put hard tires on both drivers.

35/66 - It's beautiful ! What a battle between Norris and Russell, wheel to wheel throughout the first sector. It's the pilot McLaren who had the last word. Will he be able to pick up Verstappen?

34/66 – Not much action on the track… We take this opportunity to review Russell’s extraordinary start!

32/66 – Norris attacks Hamilton who does not resist. The McLaren driver is now heading towards the second Mercedes.

30/66 – Meanwhile Verstappen is still in the lead with now more than seven seconds ahead of Russell.

28 / 66 - Piastres moves up to 9th place by deposing Pérez. What a complicated race for the Mexican who is nowhere…

27/66 – Norris gets rid of Sainz while Leclerc passes Gasly thanks to DRS.

26/66 – The classification after 26 laps of racing.

24/66 – Charles finally returns to the pit to put on mediums. The Monegasque comes out 7th.

22/66 – Only Norris and Leclerc have not stopped yet. Gasly and Ocon are 7th and 8th respectively.

21/66 – Still no stop for Lando Norris who seems to be attempting a daring bet…

19/66 – It’s hot for Hamilton who puts pressure on Carlos Sainz, he is much faster than the Spaniard. He tries the inside at the first corner and it goes! He takes 6th position.

17/66 - 💬 Lando Norris does not want to protect George Russell's strategy “We are going to have Verstappen” he said on the radio. 

16/66 – It’s also a very long time for Russell in the pits who is wheel to wheel with Carlos Sainz in the pit lane. The Briton managed to stay in front.

15/66 – Stop in 6″7 for Gasly, he loses a position.

14/66 – Pérez and Ocon return to the pits to put on new soft tires.

13/66 – Ooh! Little scare for Verstappen who almost lost his car at turn 7.

12/66 – Pérez gets rid of (finally) Nico Hulkenberg, he is 10th now.

10/66 – Oscar Piastri attacks Pierre Gasly in the first sector but the Frenchman defends well!

8/66 – Verstappen is now more than two seconds ahead of Russell. Norris, just behind, sticks to his compatriot.

7/66 – In the middle of the pack, Gasly remains in 7th place, just behind Charles Leclerc. Ocon is 9th. Pérez does not move up, the Mexican is still in 11th place

5/66 - ???? Oh, Carlos Sainz reports that his teammate, Charles Leclerc touched him when overtaking.

4/66 – Verstappen achieves the best ride, he begins to widen the gap; more than a second ahead of Russell.

3/66 – Max Verstappen attempts an attack on Russell and it goes to T1. At the same time, Carlos Sainz got rid of Charles Leclerc.

1/66 – The lights go out and Lando Norris takes a medium flight and tries to block Max Verstappen. And it's George Russell who takes the opportunity to take the outside to the British and the Dutch, he is in the lead!

15h - 🟢 Green flag! Let's go for the formation lap of the Spanish GP. Who will come out of the first corner in the lead? 

14h - 🔢 The number of the day! 91% of winners of the Spanish Grand Prix started from the front row. Lando Norris or Max Verstappen today? Or a nice surprise? 

14h – Possible strategies according to Pirelli. The Italian manufacturer recommends a two-stop race. Be careful though, the rain could well come to the party...

14h – Here is the starting grid for this Spanish Grand Prix. Lando Norris starts on pole, Max Verstappen follows him. The Mercedes in ambush on the second row and the Alpine very well placed! We note the start from the pit lane for Alex Albon.


14h – 🔎 If you missed yesterday's qualifying, here's a summary of what to remember from the session.

Norris takes second pole position of his career, both Alpine in the Top 10 in Spain!

14h???? Hello everyone, welcome to AUTOhebdo to experience the Spanish Grand Prix live! The start of the tenth round of the season will be given in a few minutes.

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