Verstappen's slap for his 40th pole, relive qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix with live commentary

Relive qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix, 11th round of the 2024 season, dominated by Max Verstappen and his Red Bull.

Published on 29/06/2024 à 15:45

Gonzalo Forbes

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Verstappen's slap for his 40th pole, relive qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix with live commentary

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After the sessions linked to the Sprint format, it's time for qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix, eleventh round of the 2024 season. F1. Who will manage to get the best of Max Verstappen, untouchable since the start of the weekend on the lands of Red Bull ? The answer from 16 p.m. this Saturday with qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix with live commentary.

Austrian GP
Follow the qualifications live with commentary

17:06 p.m./Q3 – 🏁 This is the end of this live text, thank you for joining us. Have a great rest of the day and see you this Sunday at 15:00 p.m. for the Austrian Grand Prix.

17:01 p.m./Q3 – 🏁 On the timesheet, the Dutchman was ahead Norris and no more Piastres but Russell. The Australian lost his time for not respecting the track limits at turn 6, falling back to 7th just in front of Pérez, Hulkenberg et Or with. Sainz et Hamilton completed the Top 5. Great performance from Verstappen who finished more than 4 tenths ahead of the rest of the field!

17:01 p.m./Q3 – 🏁 And it's a 40th pole position for Verstappen, the 8th this season and the first since Imola, i.e. 3 Grands Prix!

17:00 p.m./Q3 – And Verstappen does even better on the line! 1'04"314 for him improves by 0"126. Pole position smells good

16:57 p.m./Q3 – Everyone rushes to the track, less than 3 minutes on the clock!

16:54 p.m./Q3 – Well no one seems to be getting any closer. Norris, who ranked 2nd after this first attempt, is at 0“361 while Russell, 3rd, is more than half a second behind!

16:53 p.m./Q3 – 1'04"426 for Verstappen who is already doing better than in Q2! The Dutchman is going fast, very fast!

16:48 p.m./Q3 – 🟢 The light turns green. 12 minutes on the clock to find out the pole sitter for the Austrian Grand Prix. Will anyone be able to beat Verstappen who seems to have passed the second? See you in 12 minutes!

16:47 p.m./Q2 – 💬 “It was extremely difficult throughout these qualifications,” explains gasly at the microphone of Canal + complaining in particular about major sliding problems.

16:40 p.m./Q2 – And that holds up well for Ocon! Ricciardo and Gasly failed to beat him in their last attempt. So there is indeed a Alpine in Q3. Gasly even saw his time erased for failure to respect track limits at turn 6, falling to 13th. Magnussen, tsunoda et Alonso are the others eliminated. Verstappen gave himself the luxury of improving his own mark to 1'04"469.

16:39 p.m./Q2 – Ocon on the attack with an improvement in his time but he remains 9th, 0 from the lead. Will he be among the 697 qualified in just under a minute?

16:35 p.m./Q2 – Just under 5 minutes into this Q2, Gasly, Tsunoda, Hülkenberg, Magnussen and Alonso are provisionally eliminated. In the Top 10, Verstappen leads ahead of Sainz, Russell, Piastri, Norris, Leclerc, Pérez, Hamilton, Ocon and Ricciardo

16:34 p.m./Q2 – The Ferrari in an offbeat strategy and this time on new tires. Sainz and Leclerc move up to 2nd and 6th positions at 0“439 and 0“527 respectively

16:32 p.m./Q2 – We would tend to say yes for Verstappen because his closest pursuer, in this case Russell, is 0 away. Almost half a second

16:31 p.m./Q2 – Verstappen in purple everywhere and provisionally leading this Q2. 1'04"577 for the Dutchman who sets a great time. Enough to never come out again?

16:28 p.m./Q2 – 1'05"745 for Sainz who starts slowly with his tires broken in. Leclerc beats him by 50 thousandths. Between the two were the Almine with Ocon 2nd and Gasly 3rd.

16:25 p.m./Q2 – 🟢 It's back to the Red Bull Ring! 15 drivers, only 10 qualified. Who will qualify? See you in 15 minutes

16:18 p.m./Q1 – 🏁 It barely passes for Alonso, 15th in this Q1! Albon, Stroll, Bottas, Sergeant et Zhou are the eliminated from this first part of the qualifications. 8 tenths and not even that! 0“798 difference between the first and the last. Sainz dominated this Q1 in 1'05 ahead of Piastri, Verstappen, Norris and Magnussen. It also happened for Alpine with Ocon 10th and Gasly 14th

16:17 p.m./Q1 – Hamilton moved up to 6th and reassured himself. Enough to move into Q2? The last times will come, watch out!

16:14 p.m./Q1 – 📻 Not everyone is safe, including Norris 4th! His engineer informed him on the radio that he will need one more lap. Everyone gets out on the track, watch out for traffic!

16:11 p.m./Q1 – A little less than 7 minutes from the end of this Q1, Hamilton, Stroll, Hülkenberg, Sargeant and Zhou are provisionally eliminated. Meanwhile, Piastri and Norris moved up to 2nd and 4th positions, 0 and 048 behind Sainz.

16:09 p.m./Q1 – Response from Verstappen and especially Sainz. The Dutchman had regained the lead in 1'05 but the Spaniard, on new tires, beat him by 336 thousandths. The new benchmark to beat is 73'1"05

16:08 p.m./Q1 – Here are the Mercedes. Russell takes control of this Q1 with the first sector as well as the last in purple. 1'05“614 for the Englishman. Hamilton ranked 7th, 0 behind his teammate

16:06 p.m./Q1 – Everyone recorded a fast lap except the Mercedes. For the moment, Alonso, Gasly and Stroll are provisionally eliminated

16:04 p.m./Q1 – Things are moving in the rankings at the start of Q1. Leclerc placed himself at the top of the timesheet in 1'05 ahead of Norris, Piasri, Tsunoda and Sainz. The 901 are held in 5 thousandths!

16:03 p.m./Q1 – Verstappen gets the ball rolling in this Q1. 1'06"054 for the Red Bull driver on broken-in soft tires. Pérez ranks just behind in 1'06"201

16:00 p.m./Q1 – 🟢 At the end of the pit lane, the light turns green! Let's go for qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix. 18 minutes to try to rank among the 15 fastest!

15:55 p.m. – ☀️ In terms of weather, the sun is out with 32°C in the air. The track displays 48°C

15h52 - In the news, the three-time reigning world champion also spoke in this story which concerns his father and his team principal.

Guéguerre Jos-Horner… Max sides with his father: “This situation could have been avoided”

15h49 - To summarize the start of the Austrian Grand Prix weekend for you: Verstappen dominated Sprint Qualifying and the Sprint Race. Will anyone be able to beat him in qualifying this Saturday afternoon?

15h45 - ???? Hello and welcome to AUTOhebdo to experience qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix, eleventh round of the 2024 Formula 1 season! The green light for Q1 will be given in a few minutes, at 16 p.m.!

Gonzalo Forbes

In charge of promotion formulas (F2, F3, FRECA, F4...). Carried by the grace of Franco Colapinto.

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

29/06/2024 at 05:13 a.m.

TexMex at 9/10th with the same body, this says a lot about the performance of the Batavian who manages to make the difference with his pursuers!

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