Verstappen beats Norris, relive the Austrian Grand Prix Sprint qualifying with live commentary

Relive the Sprint Qualifying of the Austrian Grand Prix, eleventh round of the 2024 Formula 1 season, with live commentary.

Published on 28/06/2024 à 16:15

Gonzalo Forbes

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Verstappen beats Norris, relive the Austrian Grand Prix Sprint qualifying with live commentary

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Who says Sprint format necessarily means qualifying from Friday. After four traditional meetings, the Sprint format makes its return for the Austrian Grand Prix. Hostilities begin this Friday after the first qualifying session determining the “poleman” for the Sprint Race this Saturday (12:00 p.m.).

> You can follow the live evolution of the ranking via the official F1 Live Timing, available here.

Austrian GP
Follow the Sprint qualifications live with commentary

17:19 p.m./SQ3 – 🏁 For Leclerc, it was obviously a problem with the anti-stall system which was activated, which forced him to stop for a few moments at the end of the pit lane.

17:14 p.m./SQ3 – 🏁 And this time, it's Verstappen which responds to Norris a week after Barcelona. It's only pole for the Sprint but the Dutchman beat the Englishman by 93 thousandths thanks to a lap in 1'04"686. Behind, the third, Piastres, is at 0“301. This shows the current form of the two men. Leclerc was unable to complete a lap, ranking 10th just behind gasly et Or with, respectively 9th and 8th!

17:13 p.m./SQ3 – A little scare for Leclerc who stopped at the end of the pit lane. If he leaves again, the Monegasque should not cross the line in time to complete his turn

17:11 p.m./SQ3 – Ah, it’s finally moving! And unsurprisingly, everyone leaves at the same time. Three minutes on the clock!

17:08 p.m./SQ3 – Well it's completely calm. Everyone is waiting in the garage... Only one attempt planned?

17:06 p.m./SQ3 – 🟢 The action resumes in Austria for the last part of these Sprint qualifications! Make way for soft tires this time with times expected to drop further. 8 minutes on the clock

16:59 p.m./SQ2 – 🏁 Yes, barely but it passes for Gasly who saw Magnussen finish only 49 thousandths from 10th place. Stroll, Alonso, tsunoda et Sergeant are the others eliminated. Double presence ofAlpine in SQ3 with Ocon qualified 9th. Up front, things haven't changed with Verstappen still in control ahead of Russell. Piastri, Sainz and Leclerc completed the Top 5.

16:56 p.m./SQ2 – Only 2 minutes left, Gasly, Alonso, Sargeant, Tsunoda and Magnussen are provisionally eliminated.

16:54 p.m./SQ2 – 7 drivers have not yet done a lap: Stroll, Ocon, Magnussen, Gasly, Alonso, Sargeant, Tsunoda and Magnussen. Everyone will come out for a single attempt. Just under 5 minutes left on the clock

16:52 p.m./SQ2 – The times improve considerably with Verstappen already half a second faster compared to the SQ1. 1'05"186 on the line with 0"139 margin on his first pursuer Russell

16:49 p.m./SQ2 – 🟢 Top start for this SQ2 with 10 minutes on the clock and still mediums for the drivers who are not waiting this time to take the track

16:43 p.m./SQ1 – 🏁 It's the end of this SQ1 and the first eliminated are: Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Bottas, Albon et Zhou. At the front, Verstappen did not have to improve to maintain his best time. Following behind Russell, Sainz, Norris, Stroll, Piastri, Leclerc, Pérez, Ocon and Magnussen. Hamilton had him a little hot but came out with the 13th fastest time

16:39 p.m./SQ1 – With less than three minutes remaining in SQ1, Alonso, Albon, Ricciardo, Hamilton and Zhou were provisionally eliminated.

16:38 p.m./SQ1 – 5 minutes from the end of this SQ1, everyone completes their first times. Verstappen is currently in the lead with a lap of 1'05"690 ahead of Russell, Sainz, Norris and Leclerc. Hamilton saw his time erased for failure to respect track limits at turn 6

16:36 p.m./SQ1 – 1'06"416 for Hamilton who sets the first benchmark to beat. 6 minutes on the clock!

16:33 p.m./SQ1 – That's it, the first drivers take the track with Hamilton at the head of the procession. Just under 9 minutes remaining in this SQ1

16:32 p.m./SQ1 – 🟢 Despite the green flag, still no activity on the track. All the drivers are in their garage.

16:30 p.m./SQ1 – 🟢 Let's go for SQ1 with only 12 minutes on the clock and the obligation to use the mediums for the drivers during this first part. During SQ2, mediums will also be compulsory while softs will be compulsory for SQ3.

16h26 - Note that a few gravel traps have appeared around the Red Bull Ring after the famous episode of the last edition

After the 2023 fiasco, the Red Bull Ring installs gravel traps at turns 9 and 10

16h23 - During the only free practice session of the weekend, Verstappen, affected by an engine problem, dominated the timesheet. Here is a summary :

Austria – FP1: An alert then a great time… Max Verstappen in control

16h20 - On the transfer window side, Gasly extended with Alpine, Stroll at Aston Martin while Ricciardo is under pressure at RB

Liam Lawson more than ever on pole to replace Daniel Ricciardo?

16h17 - While waiting for the session to begin, a quick look at the news in the Austrian paddock where things are still lively between the Verstappen clan and Christian Horner.

Christian Horner settles his scores: “If he (Toto Wolff) really wants a Verstappen, Jos may be available”

16h15 - ???? Hello and welcome to AUTOhebdo to experience the Sprint qualifying of the Austrian Grand Prix, eleventh round of the 2024 season of Formula 1 ! The green light for SQ1 will be given in a few minutes, at 16:30 p.m.!

Gonzalo Forbes

In charge of promotion formulas (F2, F3, FRECA, F4...). Carried by the grace of Franco Colapinto.

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

28/06/2024 at 05:21 a.m.

Ferrari brought its former Strategist back to the circuits... Can Leclerc say thank you?

Yves-Henri RANDIER

28/06/2024 at 05:19 a.m.

Aston Martin continues to regress (like the Ridiculous Bulls) with the only permanent contract in the field ahead of Fernand!! And the 2 Alpine in SQ3...

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