Toro Rosso remains in the unknown with its 2016 engine

Frant Tost, Team Principal of Toro Rosso, indicated that he still does not know with which engine his team will be powered in 2016. The Austrian deplores the current situation of engine manufacturers.

Published on 19/09/2015 à 11:04

Pierre Tassel

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Toro Rosso remains in the unknown with its 2016 engine

Franz Tost expressed his uncertainty about the future engine manufacturer of Toro Rosso for the 2016 season, following the divorce of Red Bull et Renault. After discussions with Mercedes have failed, Ferrari However, seems to be the only solution for the two Taureau Rouge teams.

“As Renault has decided to no longer supply us with engines, we are obviously evaluating other options. Confidential discussions are still taking place, but I still don't know what engine we will have on the car next year. I hope we get an answer soon”, confided the Toro Rosso Team Principal.

Franz Tost regrets the current situation between the teams and the engine manufacturers which generates prohibitive costs for both camps. “It got off to a bad start when the new FIA regulations were adopted. The FIA ​​or someone else should have said to the engine manufacturers: "You have the F1, you can use this as a marketing tool, but you need to invest money to develop the engine and provide engines to teams at a fixed price. »

The engine manufacturers could have answered yes or no after negotiations. It's a little late now to ask engine manufacturers to reduce costs because development is quite expensive and it must continue to be so. Engine manufacturers must develop to reduce the gap on Mercedes,” added the director of the Italian team.

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