A career like Charles Leclerc for Ollie Bearman?

Established at Haas from 2025, Ollie Bearman could well see himself taking the next step and landing at Ferrari, where he is a member of the academy. He would thus imitate a certain… Charles Leclerc, or almost.

Published on 04/07/2024 à 16:11

Gonzalo Forbes

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A career like Charles Leclerc for Ollie Bearman?

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Although it is still too early to draw a parallel, Ollie Bearman seems to be living the same career as Charles Leclerc, or at least a semblance of it. There is certainly no championship title as a rookie in F2, he who is experiencing a complicated second season, like the Monegasque in 2017 (in GP2 Series. Editor's note), but the Englishman seems to be following in the latter's footsteps.

Member of the Ferrari Driver Academy like his counterpart during his younger years, the kid from Chelmsford also took his first official steps in F1 under the colors of Haas, the team which announced this Thursday as starter from 2025. Charles Leclerc in 2016 at Silverstone, Ollie Bearman seven years later in Mexico, again as part of EL1. Since then, the Briton has continued and even had the right to a Grand Prix with the great Scuderia when Carlos Sainz was a last-minute package in Saudi Arabia. A challenge taken up brilliantly and which undoubtedly weighed in the balance of the Italian leaders when deciding for its future and thus placing him at Gene Haas.

« I have the impression of having performed well from the start and particularly during my appearances in free practice, he pointed out this Thursday to the press at Silverstone. In all honesty, every time I had the opportunity to drive with Haas, I always got out of the car feeling like I had given a good account of myself.

I was proud of my performances, which is important to me. I hoped that by continuing like this it would be enough to get my place in F1."

Charles Leclerc during his first official appearance in F1. © Frederic Le Floc'h / DPPI

Announced at Haas for many weeks, it was only in Austria last weekend that Ollie Bearman was informed of the decision. “ Until you sign some paper, it's not really officialHe says. I knew we were working to make this happen and that we were on the right path.

But you can never celebrate too early because F1 is a fast-paced world where you are never as good as your last race. I shared this moment with my manager, who accompanied me throughout my journey, and it was a very moving moment. »

Maranello and Ferrari in the back of my mind

From now on, it is a career in the big leagues that the young Englishman awaits, regardless of the outcome of his season in Formula 2. This will make him the first driver trained by Ferrari since Mick Schumacher and his title in the antechamber of F1 in 2020 to take the plunge. However, the bear man appears as a bigger piece, he who has been spoken highly of since his early years in car. Like Charles Leclerc, someone he could see himself emulating with first a period of training before making the big leap to Maranello. As the Monegasque did in 2018 with Sauber before arriving alongside Sebastian Vettel in 2019.

« It would be a dream, he admits. [But itIt's not really in my hands. All I can do is give my best. That's my goal anyway. Everything that comes after that, I don't really have control over. I'm focused on my future with Haas at the moment, and I'm really excited to get started."

But for the moment, the person concerned will have to wait because a jump to Ferrari from 2026 is not on the agenda. Lewis Hamilton was in fact recruited from 2025 and for at least two years. So, he could appear as a potential successor to his compatriot among the Reds. “ It's hard not to think about it, he admits. But I don't think about it. » Now it's time for training before dreaming in red and imitating Charles Leclerc, with a slightly different timing.

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

04/07/2024 at 05:41 a.m.

How can we not think of Sir Lewis retiring in 2026 or 2027! Haas seems to be an excellent training and ramp-up plan


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